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The Thirsty Dragon: Water Crisis Puts Trade War Into Perspective For China

Via Asia Times, an article on China’s water crisis: China’s trade war with the United States has tended to dominate the news agenda in the past year. But a bigger challenge for Beijing could be the threat of a water crisis which would submerge the world’s second-largest economy and wash away growth. Two reports by Greenpeace […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China To Move Water Vapor From Humid West To Arid North

Via The Asia Times, an interesting report on a rather futuristic SkyRiver concept to help slay China’s growing thirst: China is on the verge of wrapping up its gigantic South-North Water Transfer project. The decades-long, multibillion-yuan undertaking seeks to channel fresh water from the Yangtze River to quench the thirst of Beijing and its neighboring provinces […]

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Indus Divided: Can India And Pakistan Cooperate On Water?

Via Third Pole, an article on India and Pakistan’s tension over water: In 2010 an organisation I was working with held a conference on water issues. The rhetoric on the Indus was being tapped by militant organisations, and it was in the interest of both India and Pakistan to encourage some dialogue on the issues […]

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Will Tajikistan Turn Water Into Oil?

Via Fergana News, a report on Tajikistan’s recent decision to sell water to China: Tajikistan has decided to do what has been said for many years, but that has not been done for one reason or another. Dushanbe will start selling its water abroad – Beijing will partner. Tajikistan’s Orienbank signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese company […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Tajikistan to Sell Water to China, Upsetting a Delicate Balance in Central Asia

Via Window On Eurasia, a report on  a plan for Tajikistan to sell water to China: Tajikistan, a water-rich but otherwise natural resources-poor country, has agreed to sell water to China, a move it has talked about for many years but has been constrained from doing because of the possible consequences of doing so for […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Water Wars

Via East Asia Forum, commentary on China’s water stress: China is often thought of as a country that suppresses internal conflicts, usually to great effect. But there are a number of notable exceptions and, of these, conflicts over water are perhaps the most intriguing. While China is by some definitions water-scarce, its domestic and international […]

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