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Brazil and Paraguay: In A Dam Mess

Via The Economist, a look at a secret hydropower deal between Brazil and Paraguay which is causing a political crisis in Paraguay: WHEN BRAZILIAN soldiers invaded Paraguay in 1865, after banding together with Argentina and Uruguay, the country lost a quarter of its territory and as much as 90% of its male population. A century later […]

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Global Cities Facing Water Risks

Via IWA’s The Source, an interesting look at some of the water challenges facing several of the world’s most at-risk cities: Water visions precede action. Yet it’s easy to offer “building blocks” to plan “sustainable urban water systems” that inform and govern “resilient and liveable cities.” What’s hard is showing how and where to implement […]

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The Amazon Effect: How Deforestation Is Starving São Paulo of Water

Courtesy of The Guardian, a look at how deforestation is starving São Paulo of water: São Paulo could face more devastating water shortages if farmers continue to clear the Amazon forest, warns the utility chief who recently steered the biggest city in the Americas from the edge of drought catastrophe.Jerson Kelman, president of water company […]

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Brazil’s Desperate Battle For Water

Via the Daily Mail, a look at Brazil’s desperate battle for water: Brazil’s arid northeast is weathering its worst drought on record and has been rationing water for two years The reservoir is down to 4 per cent of capacity and rainfall is expected to be sparse this year The government says the rerouting of […]

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Brazil: Even With 20% Of The World’s Water Supply, It Is Still Very Thirsty

Via the World Bank, a report on the need for Brazil to improve its water resource management to meet the growing demand for drinking water and for water used in the agricultural and energy sectors: If Brazil has nearly a fifth of the world’s water reserves, then why are water shortages so often in the […]

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Brazil’s Olympic Games, Climate Change and Water Security

Via Future Directions International, a look at Brazil’s Olympic Games, climate change and water security: Background Brazil’s turbulent state of political, economic and environmental affairs has cast an eerie shadow over the success of Brazil’s ability to host the Olympic Games. The Olympic Opening Ceremony in Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, highlighted the significance of climate […]

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