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Rapidly Disappearing Tuni Glacier Raises Concerns for Bolivian Water Scarcity

Via Circle of Blue, a detailed look at Bolivia’s shrinking Tuni glacier and its impacgt on La Paz’s water security: The Tuni glacier, a formerly vast piece of ice that rises over the Bolivian capital of La Paz as a critical water source, is disappearing faster than predicted, reported Reuters earlier this month. The resulting melt will […]

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As Andean Glaciers Retreat, So Does Regional Security

Via the Wilson Center’s New Security Beat, a look at the impact retreating glaciers is having upon water – and overall – security in South America: Last month, Bolivia filed a counterclaim against Chile in the International Court of Justice—the latest salvo in their battle over rights to the waters of the Silala River. The court will decide […]

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High and Dry: La Paz’s Post Water World

Via Popular Science, a detailed look at La Paz’s water challenges: The early-morning sunshine, sharp and unfiltered in the high Andean altitude, flashes off the Water General’s sunglasses. He poses next to a 2,500-gallon tank that his troops placed behind this market of stalls in La Paz, Bolivia. The women who sell here—short, stout, and dressed […]

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Bolivia: State of Emergency Due To Drought

Via Reuters, a report on Bolivia declaration of a state of emergency due to drought, water shortage: Bolivia’s government declared a state of emergency on Monday due to water shortages in large swaths of the country amid the worst drought in 25 years, making funds available to alleviate a crisis that has affected families and the […]

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Bolivia: High And Dry

Via The Financial Times, a look at water tensions in Bolivia where mining-led development comes at a cost for nation’s fishing communities: Fishing boats on the dried Poopó lake bed near La Paz in west Bolivia Vicente Valero wears a poncho that tells the story of his ethnic group, the Uru-Murato, in multicoloured stripes. Thought […]

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From Water Wars to Water Scarcity: Bolivia’s Cautionary Tale

Via the North American Congress on Latin America, an interesting report on Bolivia’s water stress: When Bolivian President Evo Morales arrived at the new Uyuni airport last August and found no water running from the tap, he publicly reprimanded and promptly dismissed his Minister of Water. As it happened, the pipes were merely frozen. The […]

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