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Safe Water costs 40 Times More In Coastal Bangladesh Than Cities

Courtesy of The Third Pole, a report on how water in coastal Bangladesh is increasingly undrinkable as sea level rise caused by climate change turns water sources saline: Twice a week, 50-year-old Brajasundari loads a collection of jerrycans onto a pedal cart, climbs aboard and travels three kilometres from her village Kanchrahati to buy water. […]

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Bangladesh A Winner in India-China Rivalry, But Water Dispute Settlement Still A Long Way Off

Via Future Directions International, a report on Bangladesh’s efforts to capitalize on India and China’s competition for influence to help address the nation’s water issues: Despite the concerns of environmentalists and of the Indian authorities, the government of Bangladesh is considering a Chinese proposal to dredge and embank much of the Teesta River. The proposal is one of […]

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No Water Sharing Between India and Bangladesh

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the prospect of water sharing between India and Bangladesh: As the current state of affairs stands, there is no water sharing between India and Bangladesh. Only the “husband” India would have the right to have it all (just as Sheikh Hasina also would have it all in terms of her […]

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Bangladesh Declares Water Emergency

Via Third, a report on Bangladesh’s water scarcity challenge and its efforts to shift farmers away from growing water guzzling rice in a race to save depleting water tables: The Bangladesh government is about to declare a “state of water emergency” in the drought prone Barind tract in the northwest of the country, where […]

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Thirst Stalking Towns In The Himalayas

Via India Climate Dialogue, a look at how urban settlements in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region are facing acute water scarcity due to dying mountain springs and changes brought on by climate change: The Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region is the water tower for most of Asia, but many of its residents face increasing water […]

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The Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: Tibet’s Rivers Will Determine Asia’s Future

Via The Diplomat, a look at the dawn of a new era of building dams on the Yarlung Tsangpo, where countless lives and ecosystems are being risked in the name of “development” and geopolitics: Over the last seven decades, the People’s Republic of China has constructed more than 87,000 dams. Collectively they generate 352.26 GW of […]

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