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Australia’s Water Tragedy: Hydropolitics and the Failure of the Murray Darling Basin Plan

Via Global Research, commentary on Australia’s much lauded Murray Darling Basin plan: Water is gold to survival, the indispensable, the vast feeder for human civilization. Its absence entails certain death; its decline brings out the prospect that a civilisation might well collapse. When a water crisis is announced, panic sets in. Officials ready for war; […]

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Truth, Lies, and Water: Are Australia’s Water Policies Washing Billions Of Dollars Down The Drain?

Via the Asia & The Pacific Policy Society, some interesting commentary on how policies on the Murray-Darling Basin are costing Australian taxpayers billions, and may leave the country high and dry when the next drought hits: Just as conventional conflicts are fought along battlefronts with troops and weapons, helped along by deception and subterfuge, so […]

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In Water-Scarce Regions Desalination Plants Are Risky Investments

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, an interesting look at desalination investments: Earlier this year, during India’s deepest drought in decades, local authorities in central Maharashtra reported the highest rainfall deficit in the country. Water levels behind dams dropped so far that reservoirs had bathtub rings of dried sand and mud. Puddles lay at the bottom […]

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Australia Register Its Concerns About Foreigners Buying Its Water

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a report on Australia’s plans to require foreign investors to declare their interests in water rights: The muddy river that flows through this farming town feeds both verdant citrus groves and a growing unease among some lawmakers and regulators over foreign ownership of water rights. Australia—the world’s driest inhabited […]

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Australia: On The Frontier Of A Global Rush To Commercialize Water.

Via The International Herald Tribune, an interesting article examining Australia pioneering efforts of what is likely soon to become a global wave to commercialize water.  If/as this comes to pass, we believe there will inevitably be greater conflicts over water and water rights.  As the article notes: “…Despite a long-running drought, Kingwill, who runs the […]

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Water Wars Forthcoming?

Several recent articles from the UK with opinions on how wars of the next few decades could be fought over access to water, according to some analysts. First, The View offered a look at the British government’s response to a recent WWF call to action on water issues: “…Countries need to act quickly to resolve […]

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