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The Parched Tiger: ‘We Can’t Waste a Drop.’ India Is Running Out of Water.

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a look at how population growth, modernization and climate change has spawned a resource crisis and trouble in a remote Himalayan region in India: The Ladakh region of northern India is one of the world’s highest, driest inhabited places. For centuries, meltwater from winter snows in the Himalayan mountains sustained […]

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The Parched Tiger: Climate Change, Groundwater & Agriculture In India

Via China Water Risk, an interesting report on groundwater in India: India is the largest groundwater user at 25%; in the 1970s groundwater irrigation & other tech sparked the Green Revolution that is linked to the country’s food security but can this continue? Over-extraction has compromised India’s climate resilience & rainfall variability is making the […]

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Brazil and Paraguay: In A Dam Mess

Via The Economist, a look at a secret hydropower deal between Brazil and Paraguay which is causing a political crisis in Paraguay: WHEN BRAZILIAN soldiers invaded Paraguay in 1865, after banding together with Argentina and Uruguay, the country lost a quarter of its territory and as much as 90% of its male population. A century later […]

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Water Insecurity in Southern Iraq Presents Problems for Government

Via Future Directions International, an article on Four million people in the southern Iraqi province of Basra are water insecure, despite the Shatt al-Arab (formed by the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers) flowing through the region. For many years, factors such as reduced water flow, sea water intrusion, pollution and mismanagement of the waterway, […]

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U.S. States Face Water Crisis As Global Heating Increases Strain On Supplies

Courtesy of The Guardian, a report on water stress in the United States where New Mexico tops the list of impacted states, followed by California, Arizona, Colorado and Nebraska as problems could intensify with global heating: A handful of US states – including New Mexico and California – are facing significant strains on their water supplies that will only intensify with global […]

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Oil Built Saudi Arabia – Will A Lack Of Water Destroy It?

Courtesy of The Guardian, a report on the water emergency threatening Saudi Arabia’s desert existence: Bottles of water twirl on the conveyor belts of the Berain water factory in Riyadh, as a puddle of water collects on the concrete floor. In a second warehouse, tanks emit a low hum as water brought in from precious underground […]

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