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‘There’s Not Enough Water:’ A Thirsty U.S. Export Crop vs. Global Food Supply Chains

Via The Guardian, an article on how U.S. alfalfa farmers have been asked to give up crop amid the US southwest’s megadrought: On an early August morning in California’s Imperial Valley, tractors rumble across verdant fields of alfalfa, mowing down the tall grass and leaving it to dry in shaggy heaps under the hot sun. Here, […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Drought Causes Yangtze To Shrink

Via Terra Daily, an article on the drought’s impact upon China’s Yangtze River: A record-breaking drought has caused parts of the Yangtze River to dry up – affecting hydropower, shipping routes, limiting drinking water supplies and even revealing previously submerged Buddhist statues. The Yangtze is China’s most important river, providing water to more than 400 […]

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Arizona: California ‘Failing To Do Its Part’ To Avert Megadrought ‘Catastrophe’

Via 12 News, a report of growing discord between Arizona and California over shortages of water: Arizona and Nevada are gearing up for massive Colorado River cuts as Lake Mead water levels continue to drop to historic levels. California, however, won’t be facing any cuts, even though it is by far the largest user of Colorado River water. […]

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The Parched Tiger: The Colonial Impact On India’s Water Systems

Via Vardhman Envirotech, commentary on the colonial impact on India’s approach to water: Within a year of its independence, India turned off a tap. The Indus water partition had left India in possession of the Ferozepur headwork’s that fed Pakistan’s fields. Friction over Kashmir and water intertwined and India cut off water supply for Lahore […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China Plots Ambitious Water Infrastructure Push

Via Reuters, an article on how China – after its long drought – is plotting an ambitious water infrastructure push: After a record heatwave parched large areas of the Yangtze basin, Chinese provinces are planning to spend billions of dollars on new water infrastructure as they try to fend off the growing impact of extreme […]

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Ethiopia Calls On Nile Basin States To Implement CFA

Via the Addis Standard, a report on Ethiopia’s call on Nile Basin riparian states to expedite implementation of the Cooperative Framework Agreement: Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, called on all the Nile Basin riparian states to “expedite the coming into force of” the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA). The […]

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