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The End of Snow Threatens to Upend 76 Million American Lives

Via Bloomberg, an article on how the disappearing snowpack is accelerating the historic drought across the Western US, and so far government responses haven’t matched the scale of the problem: The Western US is an empire built on snow. And that snow is vanishing. Since most of the region gets little rain in the summer, even […]

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Hard Choices Ahead For Colorado River

Via Writers on the Range, commentary on the challenges facing the Colorado River: The seven Colorado River states – Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming – face a daunting mid-August deadline. The federal government has asked them to come up with a plan to reduce their combined water usage from the Colorado […]

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The Colorado River Crisis

Via The New York Times, commentary on the crisis facing the Colorado River: It’s past time to get real about the Southwest’s hardest-working river. About 40 million people rely on the Colorado River as it flows from Wyoming to Mexico. But overuse and climate change have contributed to its reservoirs drying up at such a […]

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Big Water Pipelines, an Old Pursuit, Still Alluring in Drying U.S. West

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a look at how large-scale water engineering projects like the Los Angeles Aqueduct ushered in the modern era of the American West. More pipelines and water transfers have been proposed or are under construction in the drying region: As the region’s climate becomes drier, more pipelines are being proposed despite […]

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U.S. Southwest Is Bone Dry and Key Water Sources Are At Risk

Via Politico, a look at how climate change and worsening drought have driven water stores in the U.S. southwest to dangerous lows. Now the federal government is telling states to drastically cut back: California and six other Western states have less than 60 days to pull off a seemingly impossible feat: Cut a multi-way deal […]

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As Colorado River Crisis Grows, An Urgent Call For Western states To ‘Act Now’

Via the Los Angeles Times, an article on how – as the water crisis worsens on the Colorado River – an urgent call for Western states to ‘act now’ has been made: With the Colorado River’s depleted reservoirs continuing to drop to new lows, the federal government has taken the unprecedented step of telling the seven […]

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