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Water Wars: Causes And Possible Solutions

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the prospect of water wars: Will today’s wars  over oil be over water in the future? For years this question has been at the heart of a scientific debate on the causes of these wars and how they should be studied. A study published in the prestigious Nature Sustainability by a group […]

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Salton Sea: A ‘Bargaining Chip’ In Fight For Colorado River Water

Via the Los Angeles Times, an article on how California’s Salton Sea is being used as a bargaining chip in the fight for Colorado River water: As water tensions heighten, Arizona and California are fighting over the Colorado River. And people who live around Southern California’s Salton Sea may bear some of the repercussions. The Salton Sea is California’s […]

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Can Pricing Groundwater Help Solve California’s Water Problems?

Via the Bay Area’s Local News, commentary on the potential that pricing groundwater may offer to solve California’s water problems: In the face of  of its worst drought in centuries, California is finally getting around to regulating its groundwater use. As an agricultural economist who studies water regulation in California, I think this is a unique […]

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Water Security in Africa in the Age of Global Climate Change

Courtesy of Daedalus, a look at water security in Africa in the our age of global climate change: This essay explores the multiple ways in which the nexuses between water scarcity and climate change are socially and historically grounded in ordinary people’s lived experiences and are embedded in specific fields of power. Here we specifically […]

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The Dutch: ‘World Champions’ of Banishing Water, But Now They Need It

Courtesy of the New York Times, an article on how the Netherlands – as climate change dries out Europe – is suddenly confronting drought: The story of the Netherlands’ centuries of struggle against water is written all over its boggy, low-lying landscape. Windmills pumped water out of sodden farmland and canals whisked it away. Dikes […]

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Extreme Heat Could Make Parts of Asia, Africa Uninhabitable In Decades

Via The Washington Post, an article on how extreme heat may make parts of Asia and Africa uninhabitable in decades ahead: By the year 2100, extreme heat events will make parts of Asia and Africa uninhabitable for up to 600 million people, the United Nations and the Red Cross said Monday. Projected death rates from […]

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