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Severe Drought Turns Up the Heat on Europe’s Economic and Energy Crises

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), a look at the impact that Europe’s drought is having upon Europe’s economic and energy crises: A severe drought is magnifying Europe’s economic risks by disrupting crop yields, energy production and trade flows at a time when the Continent is already facing soaring food and fuel prices, along with a […]

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Water Levels Rise In South As North Korea Opens Dam Floodgates Without Warning

Via NK News, a report on rising water levels in South Korea as the North opens dam floodgates without warning: North Korea opened dam floodgates along the Imjin River near the inter-Korean border this week, according to Seoul’s unification ministry, raising the risk of further inundation in the South as monsoon rains lash the peninsula. […]

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Dutch Declare Shortage In ‘Land of Water’

Via Terra Daily, an article on The Netherlands’ water crisis: The Netherlands declared an official water shortage on Wednesday as the low-lying “land of water” was hit by Europe’s sweltering summer. The Dutch government said it was eyeing further measures to conserve water amid a drought, and authorities have already imposed limits on farming and […]

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Demand For Water Top Threat To Food Security In The Future

Via New Food Magazine, an article on how demand for water top threat to food security in the future: Increased demand for water will be the number one threat to food security in the next 20 years, followed closely by heat waves, droughts, income inequality and political instability, according to a new University of Colorado Boulder-led […]

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Nearly Half of EU Territory ‘At Risk’ of Drought

Via Terra Daily, a sobering report that nearly half of EU territory is ‘at risk’ of drought: Researchers at the European Commission warned on Monday that nearly half of the EU’s territory is currently at risk of drought, as southwest Europe wilted under a punishing heatwave. In a report for July, the European Commission’s Joint […]

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Global Water Basins Under Threat

Via a look at new research that shows the most-stressed regions in the world are becoming drier, leading to water governance, economic and social challenges: Global co-occurrence of freshwater stress and storage trends. a Freshwater stress, derived from freshwater withdrawal and streamflow datasets. b Freshwater storage trend per basin. c Combinations of freshwater stress and storage trend per basin, which […]

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