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Zimbabwe’s Drought-Induced Climate Migration: A Sign Of What’s To Come

Via MIT’s Technology Review, a look at Zimbabwe’s drought-induced climate migration, a precursor to climate change expected impact in forcing tens of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa to migrate by 2050: Julius Mutero has harvested virtually nothing in the past six years. For his entire adult life, he has farmed a three-hectare plot in […]

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Drought Leaves Southern Africa High and Dry

Via The Wall Street Journal, a look at how Southern Africa’s worsening water crisis ravages crops, livestock and even the continent’s biggest waterfall: Every Monday at 8 p.m. since November, Bulawayo residents have gathered next to their toilets to prepare for a ritual that has come to be known as the big flush—another sign of a […]

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Taps Run Dry for Millions in Zimbabwe’s Capital

Via Circle of Blue, a report on Zimbabwe’s water crisis: Half of residents in Zimbabwe’s capital are without municipal drinking water as drought and inadequate infrastructure parch the city of some 4.5 million people.  Two of Harare’s four main reservoirs are dry, and the next rainy season won’t arrive until October. Mayor Herbert Gomba believes […]

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In Zimbabwe, the Water Taps Run Dry and Worsen ‘a Nightmare’

Courtesy of The New York Times, a report on Zimbabwe’s water scarcity crisis: It had been five days since water had stopped flowing out of the taps at Eneres Kaitano’s bungalow in southern Harare, Zimbabwe’s modern and tidy capital city. Five days since she had done any laundry. Five days since she had forbidden her […]

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Zimbabwe: Water crisis Now Threat To National Security

Via The Standard, a look at Zimbabwe’s water crisis: The government may try to downplay the magnitude of the obtaining economic and political crisis in Zimbabwe, and put genuine efforts to address the challenges facing the country, but they need to prepare for a public health disaster that is increasingly becoming imminent. Attention may today […]

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