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California Drought Leaving Rice Farmers Dry

Via the Wall Street Journal, an article on how water cuts of more than 80% for many rice farmers have triggered an acreage decline steeper than for any other major crop in the state: Rick Richter has spent the past 43 years flying biplanes over California’s Sacramento Valley, dropping rice seeds into vast, flooded fields […]

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Tourism: Sucking Utah Dry?

Via The Guardian, a report on how booming tourism expansion in Utah is squeezing the region’s dwindling water supply: It was a typically hot summer day in Utah’s Zion national park, where early-afternoon heat hovered near 100F, even in the shadows of the red peaks soaring overhead. But the extreme conditions did little to dissuade […]

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Arizona: California ‘Failing To Do Its Part’ To Avert Megadrought ‘Catastrophe’

Via 12 News, a report of growing discord between Arizona and California over shortages of water: Arizona and Nevada are gearing up for massive Colorado River cuts as Lake Mead water levels continue to drop to historic levels. California, however, won’t be facing any cuts, even though it is by far the largest user of Colorado River water. […]

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Climate Change Is Ravaging the Colorado River, But There’s a Model to Avert the Worst

Courtesy of The New York Times, an article on how water management success in the Yakima River Basin in Washington may hold lessons for the seven states at war over water in the American West: The water managers of the Yakima River basin in arid Central Washington know what it’s like to fight over water, […]

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Five U.S. Cities That Potentially Could Run Out of Water

Via The Weather Channel, a report on 5 U.S. cities that could potentially run out of water: It’s hard to imagine a city running out of water, but it could happen. Cape Town, South Africa, came perilously close to running out in early 2018. Aggressive conservation and efficiency efforts got the city through April 12, the day […]

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Vague, Voluntary Proposals Will Not Help The Colorado River

Via Glenwood Springs Post Independent, commentary on the current proposals to help the Colorado River: Water managers in recent weeks have put forth plans for conservation aimed at addressing the water-scarcity crisis on the Colorado River. But the proposals, which are vague and voluntary and lack goals with numbers, will probably do little to get […]

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