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A Modern Oasis Under Threat: Great Salt Lake Dries Up

Courtesy of The New York Times, a report on how climate change and rapid population growth are shrinking Utah’s Great Salt Lake: If the Great Salt Lake, which has already shrunk by two-thirds, continues to dry up, here’s what’s in store: The lake’s flies and brine shrimp would die off — scientists warn it could […]

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Water Cuts Coming For U.S. West

Via Pew Charitable Trust, a look at the impact of drought in the U.S. west: If Californians don’t change the way they consume water, officials are warning, sweeping, statewide mandatory cuts may be unavoidable. Three years into a severe drought and with water supplies plummeting, lush green lawns and the careless use of drinking water […]

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What Happens If Glen Canyon Dam’s Power Shuts Off?

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, commentary on the  impact of Lake Powell drying behind one of the Southwest’s largest hydropower plants: Glen Canyon Dam is operating at 60 percent of its hydroelectric capacity. Hydropower generation will likely shut down when Lake Powell’s elevation drops below 3,490 feet. Currently the lake is at 3,534 feet. Besides the […]

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As California’s Big Cities Fail To Rein In Water Use, Rural Communities Are Already Tapped Out

Via CNN, an article on how – as California’s big cities fail to rein in their water use – rural communities are already tapped out: Gary Briggs’ family hasn’t had water coming out of their private well for over a decade, after a multi-year drought and overpumping by agriculture and industry. Now, the eight-acre farm in West […]

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Drought-Stricken US Warned of Looming ‘Dead Pool’

Via BBC, an article on the risk that Lake Mead will fall to such a low level that Hoover Dam may cease to function: A once-in-a-lifetime drought in the western part of the US is turning up dead bodies – but that’s the least of people’s worries. Sitting on the Arizona-Nevada border near Las Vegas, […]

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In Worsening Drought, Southern California Water Restrictions Take Effect

Via The Washington Post, a report on new restrictions in Southern California: The forecast for Southern California grass is yellow and brown from here on out. On Wednesday, new restrictions on outdoor water use go into effect for more than 6 million residents in the Los Angeles area. The rules, set by the Metropolitan Water District of […]

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