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Water Thieves Abound In Dry California, But Are Very Hard To Catch

Via Grist, a look at why water thieves in California are so hard to catch: It’s not easy enforcing water regulations in the West. Just ask the officials in California who have been trying for almost a decade to penalize a man who took water from the river system that feeds San Francisco and bottled […]

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Drought-Hit California Cities To Get Little Water From State

Via AP News, a report that California water agencies will only receive 5% of the allocations that they requested from the state: California water agencies that serve 27 million people will get just 5% of what they requested from the state to start 2023, water officials announced Thursday. The news of limited water comes as California […]

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Time To Stop Blaming The Compact?

Via Sustainable Waters, commentary on the Colorado River Compact and the conclusion that the true reason we are experiencing a water shortage crisis in the Colorado River Basin is not because of flaws in the Compact, but rather because we have been unable to reduce our use of water commensurate with the reality that the river […]

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‘Free Water’ Was Never Free, According To Historian of the American West

Via The Revelator, commentary on how subsidized water cultivated the West, but this required becoming increasingly profligate with the region’s scarcest resource. The West uses too much water. For such a simple problem, the obvious solution — use less — lies frustratingly out of reach. That inability to change may seem hard to understand, but […]

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The Colorado River Compact Turns 100 Years Old. Is It Still Working?

Via Inside Climate News, a look at the Colorado River company, an agreement that didn’t consider the needs of Native Americans, Mexico or ecosystems and which – since its signing – the river has dropped, demand has skyrocketed and states have failed to agree on how to share it. On a chilly fall day, Eric Kuhn […]

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Americans Are Running Out of Water: Could Icebergs Be An Answer?

Via Newsweek, a report on how Americans could turn to icebergs as a potential partial solution to water shortages: The world is suffering from a freshwater crisis, including many parts of the United States that are experiencing prolonged drought. But could a bizarre potential solution—towing icebergs—help address the problem? That question is explored in an […]

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