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Syria’s Water Crisis Is Not Going Away

Via The Atlantic Council, a look at Syria’s water crisis: In May 2021, the flow of the Euphrates River in northeast Syria fell to an all-time low, causing the worst drought since 1953. Months later, in September 2021, Hammoud al-Hamadin, an engineer at the Tishreen dam, located southeast of Mambij in Aleppo province, warned of a historic and […]

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Dam Building and Water Tensions in the Caucasus

Via Eurasianet, a report on dam building and rising water tensions in the Caucusus: Among many other threats, global climate change promises unprecedented water variability in the South Caucasus. The region is facing increasingly erratic rainfall and snowmelt, which is endangering drinking supplies, agricultural output, and hydropower generation. This is made still more complicated by […]

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Iraqi Water Ministry Moves To File Lawsuit Against Iran Over Water Policy

Via The National, an article on the Iraqi water ministry’s moves to file a lawsuit against Iran: Iraq has completed procedures to file a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice against Iran’s water policy. The construction of dams in upstream Turkey, Syria and Iran has choked off some of the flow of the Tigris and Euphrates over the […]

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Turkey Proxies Weaponizing Water in Northern Syria

Via Terra Daily, a report on how Turkish proxies are weaponizing water in north Syria: Turkish-backed groups in northern Syria have weaponised water by building dams on a river that serves as a lifeline for communities living downstream in Kurdish-dominated areas, a report alleged Wednesday said. New research conducted by Dutch peace-building organisation PAX shows […]

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Turkey’s Drought

Via The Frontier Post, an article on Turkey’s drought: Water scarcity, caused by the drought experienced in recent years, is turning into a pressing issue for Turkey. A Turkish environmental organization said on Wednesday that it is possible to live without coal in a time of crisis, but never without water. “Greenhouse gas emissions from […]

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Haunting Satellite Imagery Shows Turkey’s Second-Largest Lake Has Dried Up

Via Gizmodo, an article on how new satellite images show drought has turned Lake Tuz from a beautiful blue pool into a tiny puddle amidst a salt flat: A new satellite image of Turkey’s Lake Tuz is gorgeous—and, if you know more about what it’s portraying, worrying. The stunning capture from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellite shows Turkey’s second-largest lake […]

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