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Cape Town’s Stark Water Divide

Via Terra Daily, a report on South Africa’s stark water divide: On Cape Town’s beaches, swimmers shower off sand from their feet. Irrigation pipes water the region’s famed vineyards. And Shadrack Mogress fumes as he fills a barrel with water so he can flush his toilet. It’s been four years since South Africa’s tourist capital […]

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Scientists Project Increased Risk To Water Supplies In South Africa This Century

Via Terra Daily, an article on scientific projections around increased risk sto water supplies in South Africa this century: In 2018, Cape Town, South Africa’s second most populous city, came very close to running out of water as the multi-year “Day Zero” drought depleted its reservoirs. Since then, researchers from Stanford University determined that climate […]

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Cape Town Risk of ‘Day Zero’ Drought Seen Rising

Via Smart Water Magazine, a report on Cape Town’s water challenge: Cape Town faces an 80% higher chance of another ‘Day Zero’ drought by the end of the century if greenhouse gas-emissions keep rising at current rates, research showed on Monday, as the South African city races to safeguard water supplies. Following a 2018 drought […]

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Cape Town Taps Into ‘One Of World’s Biggest Aquifers’

Via Times Live, a report on Cape Town’s inaugural use of a new source of underground water: Not long ago, Cape Town stood on the threshold of being┬áthe first major city in the world to run out of water. And while this was ultimately avoided, the city took no chances. In a move to end […]

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Where Water Used To Be

Courtesy of The London Review of Books, an article on global water scarcity: On? the second to last day of last year, I got on a flight to Mexico City. Four hours in, we were told we needed to make an emergency landing in Houston. The captain had noticed an oil leak shortly after we […]

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Is Cape Town Really Past ‘Day Zero’?

Via China Water Risk, a look at Cape Town and whether it is truly past ‘Day Zero’: A 50L/person/day water restriction & 40% farm use reduction were key to staving off ‘Day Zero’; combined with returned rainfall has bought time to find sustainable management approaches Key challenges to overcome include the supply-demand gap, political finger […]

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