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Russia Accused Of Sabotaging Ukraine Water Pipe To Mykolaiv

Courtesy of BBC, an article on accusations that Russia intentionally sabotaged water supply infrastructure in Ukraine: For six months, homes in Ukraine’s southern coastal city of Mykolaiv have been without clean drinking water. Military and UN experts have told a BBC investigation they believe Russian forces deliberately cut off the water supply last April. Satellite […]

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Russia Threatens Ukrainian Dam

Via BBC, an article on Russia’s threat to a key reservoir for Ukrainian water: Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of preparing to blow up a dam at a hydroelectric plant in southern Ukraine, which would lead to a “large-scale disaster”. In his overnight address he said the Kakhovka dam on the Dnieper river […]

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Russia / Ukraine Conflict: Water Wars 2022

Via NPR, an interview on how – in a southern city in Ukraine – Russian forces destroyed the municipal water supply five months ago, and residents have been struggling to get clean water ever since: MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: The war in Ukraine has caused billions of dollars in damages. Ukrainian officials complain that Russian missile strikes […]

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The Volga: A River No Longer Runs Through It

Via MIT’s Technology Review, an article on how too many dams have made Russia’s most important river dysfunctional: You can find Dubna, a small town three hours away from Moscow by train, both on a map and in the periodic table: dubnium, element number 105, was discovered at a research center there, and named after […]

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Russia’s Hidden Water War in Ukraine

Via H2O Global News, an article on how water is a motivating factor in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Beneath the horror of Russia’s war in Ukraine flows an undercurrent of political tension over that most vital and intractable resource – water. Control over water resources has been a point of contention between the two countries […]

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War in Ukraine Lengthens List of Violent Acts over Water

Via Circle of Blue, an article on the Pacific Institute’s Water Conflict Chronology: One of the first casualties of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not a human life. In late February, as Vladimir Putin’s war machine was beginning to uncoil, Russian forces destroyed a dam in Ukraine that was blocking water from a Soviet-era canal […]

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