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Engineers Warn of ‘Severe’ Groundwater Shortage In Northwest Pakistan

Via Third Pole, reports of a ‘severe’ groundwater shortage in northwest Pakistan: Takht-e-Nasrati in northern Pakistan was once known for its lush greenery. But over the past 10 years local people say life has become very different in this area of Karak district, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Tubewells have dried up, forcing residents to dig deeper in […]

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Poor Water Management Costs Pakistan $12 Billion Per Year

Via ProPakistani, a report on the significant impact that poor water management has upon Pakistan: Poor water resource management is estimated to cost Pakistan $12 billion per annum (4 percent of GDP), with the degradation of the Indus Delta costing another $2 billion. The Ministry of Climate Change in its report “Living Indus: Investing in […]

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World’s Rivers are Running Dry Today

Via China Water Risk, commentary on the challenges facing many of the world’s most important rivers: Indus faced mega flood while Yangtze, Colorado, Rhine & Po suffered droughts, running dry in sections. Power (down 50% in some regions), factories & transportation disrupted Crops were destroyed but rivers also support chunks of GDP: YREB (US$5.3trn), Colorado […]

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Karachi’s Water Scarcity

Via Pakistan’s Technology Times, a report on Karachi’s water insecurity: Water scarcity hits Karachi, Different areas of Karachi are facing the worst water crisis. In some areas, an artificial water crisis has been created with the connivance of the Water Board officers, due to which the citizens of these areas are forced to get water […]

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The Parched Tiger: India’s Dams and Pakistan’s Water Crisis

Via The Diplomat, a report on how Pakistan is being strangled by a chronic water shortage that stands to exacerbate tensions with its giant eastern neighbor, India: Thirteen-year-old Kaneez Sughra, a resident of Pakistan’s Orangi town near Karachi, has a strange problem. Every day, before coming to school, she has a choice to make about […]

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Are ‘Water Wars’ Coming to Asia?

Via The Diplomat, a look at how climate change-induced water loss in the Tibetan Plateau further challenges water security from Central to Southeast Asia: A recently published study by a team of scientists from the University of Texas in Austin, Penn State, and Tsinghua University in Nature climate change journal found that terrestrial water storage (TWS) in the Qinghai-Tibet […]

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