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Droughts In The Middle East: Here To Stay

Via UAE’s The National, a report on Middle Eastern water scarcity: With an unprecedented number of droughts afflicting every corner of the world this year, it is clear that even the swiftest efforts to curb more variable rainfall and rising temperatures will be too late to prevent future water shortages. A new report from the […]

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Water and Insecurity In The Levant

Via the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), a look at how the Middle East needs to join together to address common technical, political, and security issues to avoid water-driven instability: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is the most water-stressed area in the world. In the Levant sub-region, Jordan, Syria, West Bank/Gaza, […]

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Boiling Over: Water And Security Hot Spots 2016

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, an interesting look at 10 places where water issues could undermine civic stability:   After five years of civil war, the humanitarian crisis in Syria has reached massive proportions: More than 4.6 million people have fled the country as refugees, and at least 7.6 million more are internally displaced within Syria, […]

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Healing Wounds Of Conflict Through Water Diplomacy

Courtesy of IWA’s The Source magazine, a very insightful article on an audacious roadmap for the Jordan River involving a new US$4.6 billion master plan to bring peace, understanding– and treatment plants–to the most contested and politicised waters on earth: In the 1840s, US naval officer William Lynch led three boats down the Jordan River […]

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Israel Concerned Lebanon May Divert Water

Via The Jerusalem Post, an article on Israel’s deliberation of potential responses to the possibility that Lebanon will divert water from the Hatzbani River: The IDF is deliberating responses ahead of the possibility that Lebanon will divert water from the Hatzbani River, a move that Israel has in the past viewed as a casus belli […]

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Blue Peace? Water Scarcity As A Catalyst For Reducing Conflict In The Middle East

Via Terra Daily, an interesting article on a new report suggesting that water scarcity in the Middle East can be the catalyst for reducing, rather than causing, conflict in the volatile region.  As the article notes: “…The report entitled “The Blue Peace: Rethinking Middle East Water,” issued by the Carnegie Middle East Center, suggests that […]

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