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Quenching Kenya: Can New Water Discoveries Save East Africa?

Via Foreign Policy, an interesting article on the role that two recently discovered aquifers in Kenya may play in regional development and politics: An armed Turkana man walks towards the shores of Lake Turkana, October 12, 2013. Water scarcity is becoming the defining international crisis of the twenty-first century. Water conflicts rage across the world […]

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The Limited Promise of Kenya’s Aquifer Discoveries

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), analysis of  Kenya’s recent discovery of several new aquifers: The recent discovery of several new aquifers in northern Kenya is welcome news for a region where much of the population does not have reliable access to drinking water and where resource scarcity has hampered economic growth. However, initial claims that […]

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Can Kenya’s Hidden Aquifer Prevent A Water War?

Via Gizmodo, an interesting article on the wide ranging implications of the recent aquifer discovery in Kenya:   This week’s jaw-dropping news that a massive aquifer has been discovered beneath Kenya conjured up all sorts of visions of the desert instantly greening like a Chia Pet. But it’s not as easy as digging a well—the […]

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Ethiopian Hydropower Aspirations Cause Tensions with Neighbours

Via Future Directions, a review of a new addition to the debate surrounding the likely impacts of Ethiopia’s hydropower plans: Kenya’s seeking of a guarantee that the GIBE III dam project will not adversely impact flows into Lake Turkana. Ethiopia’s plans for extensive development of hydropower promise considerable economic reward, but if they are not […]

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Water Scarcity And Conflict At The Ethiopia-Kenya Border

Via The Sojourner Project, an article on how water shortages are contributing to tribal clashes along the Kenyan-Ethiopian border: Water shortages at the Kenyan-Ethiopian border are contributing to tribal clashes-specifically between the Kenyan Turkana and the Ethiopian tribes Dassanech, Nyangatom and Mursi. The Horn of Africa as been called a hot spot of climate change- subject […]

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Water Tension Boils Over: Violence Erupts Along Ethiopia-Kenya Water-stressed Border

Via Circle of Blue, an interesting report on how severe droughts have added stress to an ongoing dispute between two neighboring ethnic groups near Lake Turkana — the border between the two nations — which has culminated in a series of violent attacks.  As the article notes: “…In a small village along the waters of […]

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