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After Cape Town, More African Cities Face Water Crisis

Via Voice of America, a report on potential future African water crises: African cities need to better plan and invest in water infrastructure, global accounting firm Deloitte said on Tuesday, as Cape Town counts down to dry taps due to severe drought. Officials predict taps in the South African city will run out of water […]

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Drying Up: Kenya-Ethiopia Cross-Border Agreements Will Not Fix Water Crisis

Via Future Directions International, a report on the impact of some recent cross border agreements between Kenya and Ethiopia on water issues: Background Newly signed cross-border agreements between the Kenyan and Ethiopian Governments are aimed at capitalising on the economic potential of the border region. The region faces a severe water crisis as a result […]

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Violent Clashes Increase in Kenya over the Depleting Lake Turkana

Via Future Directions International, a report on tensions in northwest Kenya regarding Lake Turkana: Background Tensions are building around Lake Turkana in north-west Kenya over the depleting lake’s scarce resources. The Gibe III hydroelectric dam, 600 kilometres up the Omo River in Ethiopia and inaugurated in December 2016, has been met with widespread criticism over […]

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Thirsty City: Nairobi May Run Dry

Via The Guardian, a report on the critical state of Nairobi’s water supplies, clear evidence of a broken loop between how a city reconciles its thirst for water and its hunger for food: For the team managing Nairobi’s water, the stakes have never been so high. Water-rationing has been going on in Kenya’s capital since […]

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Africa’s Aral Sea?

Via Yahoo!, a report on the tensions arising over Ethiopia’s Gibe III dam’s impact on Lake Turkana: The beach looks ready for war: in the sparse lakeshore shade hundreds wait, sweaty from the heat, weapons at their feet. In Kenya’s hot, dry and lawless north even the fishermen are armed, but guns will not save […]

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Dam Divides Ethiopia From Its Neighbors

Via Future Directions International, a report on how the Gibe III Dam on the Omo River has already begun providing much needed hydroelectricity to Ethiopia, but caused increased tensions among local tribes and neighbouring countries: Background The initial support of the Kenyan Government quickly changed when the environmental and social impacts of the dam project […]

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