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Key Iraq Irrigation Reservoir Close To Drying Out

Via Terra Daily, an article on Iraq’s drought: Iraq’s Lake Hamrin, a once-vast reservoir northeast of Baghdad that is the sole source of water for irrigation across Diyala province, has nearly dried out, a senior official said Friday. Successive years of low rainfall and a sharp reduction in the flow of water down the Sirwan […]

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Overuse and Climate Change Kill Off Iraq’s Sawa Lake

Via Terra Daily, an article on Iraq’s Sawa Lake, a victim of overuse and climate change: A “No Fishing” sign on the edge of Iraq’s western desert is one of the few clues that this was once Sawa Lake, a biodiverse wetland and recreational landmark. Human activity and climate change have combined to turn the […]

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Iraq’s Worsening Water Crisis

Via the Arab News, a look at Iraq’s worsening water crisis: Across Iraq, water sources that have been taken for granted and relied upon throughout centuries of hardship, chaos and drought are under threat. So too, as a result, are the livelihoods of many people in the country who find themselves facing unprecedented challenges in […]

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Climate Change May Devastate The Middle East

Via Brookings Institute, a paper on the devastating impact that climate change and water scarcity may have upon the Middle East: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is among the most vulnerable places in the world to climate change. The U.N. has highlighted the devastating toll that climate change will have on the region’s water supplies and food […]

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Syria’s Water Crisis Is Not Going Away

Via The Atlantic Council, a look at Syria’s water crisis: In May 2021, the flow of the Euphrates River in northeast Syria fell to an all-time low, causing the worst drought since 1953. Months later, in September 2021, Hammoud al-Hamadin, an engineer at the Tishreen dam, located southeast of Mambij in Aleppo province, warned of a historic and […]

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Iran, Iraq Exchange Charges Over Water Flow

Via Al Monitor, a report that Iraq is planning to complain to the International Court of Justice about the drop in water flow from Iran Iraq is planning to file a lawsuit against Iran for water cuts, according to Iraq’s Minister of Water Resources Mahdi Rashid Al Hamdani.  Iraq has received only one-tenth of what it […]

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