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Egypt Braces For Third-Stage Filling Of Nile Dam

Via Al Monitor, an article on Egypt’s continued effort to implement projects for water management, in light of the third filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Before the start of the third-stage filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s (GERD) reservoir and with the start of the planting season in the summer, Cairo is considering […]

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New Consultations Over Nile Dam Inspire Optimism

Via Al Monitor, a report that Sudan is optimistic about resolving the GERD dispute with Ethiopia at a time when Addis Ababa is preparing for the third filling this summer: Sudan has recently expressed optimism about resolving the dispute over the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) as Ethiopia prepares for the third filling of the […]

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Egypt Deepens Military Ties With Sudan As Ethiopia Fills Nile Dam

Via Al Monitor, a report on how Egypt and Sudan continue to build on their military relations amid rising tensions with Ethiopia with the approaching third filling phase of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam despite the negotiations halt: Egypt and Sudan held high-level military talks recently amid mounting tensions with Ethiopia over its giant hydroelectric dam on […]

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Historic Drought Looms for 20M People In Horn of Africa

Courtesy of National Geographic, an article on the historic drought impacting 20 million living in Horn of Africa: As many as 20 million people in four African countries are facing extreme hardship and food shortages as an exceptionally long and severe drought grips the eastern Horn of Africa. Three rainy seasons in a row have […]

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Sudan Slams Ethiopian Move at Controversial Nile Dam

Via Terra Daily, a report on Sudan’s reaction to Ethiopia’s decision to start power generation at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Sudan has condemned neighbouring Ethiopia for launching power generation at a controversial dam on the Blue Nile without the agreement of downstream nations, saying the “unilateral move” violated international commitments. Sudan “has emphasised its […]

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GERD Unlocked: Ethiopia’s Mega-Dam Starts Generating Electricity

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on GERD’s power generation and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed efforts to assure Egypt and Sudan that water flows downstream will not be affected: Ethiopia has started to generate electricity from what is set to be Africa’s largest dam on the Blue Nile — an icon of national pride that […]

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