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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Growing Water Risk

Courtesy of China Water Risk, a look at China’s growing risk of water scarcity: Although media and policy attention target China as “the world’s largest emitter”, it has made some of the world’s most ambitious investments in adaptation infrastructure To understand China’s climate policy, observers should focus as much on water as on energy; adaptation, […]

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World’s Rivers are Running Dry Today

Via China Water Risk, commentary on the challenges facing many of the world’s most important rivers: Indus faced mega flood while Yangtze, Colorado, Rhine & Po suffered droughts, running dry in sections. Power (down 50% in some regions), factories & transportation disrupted Crops were destroyed but rivers also support chunks of GDP: YREB (US$5.3trn), Colorado […]

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The Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: Chinese Moves Complicate India-Bangladesh Dispute Over Teesta

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at Dhaka’s water dilemma; while a deal with India on the Teesta River remains elusive, Beijing wants it to make up its mind on a Chinese project on the river: In the second week of October, a month after Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina returned from New Delhi without a […]

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Will the Mekong River Really Become the Next South China Sea?

Via The Diplomat, a look – amid competition between China and the U.S. – at how the question of the river’s fate has been imbued with a strategic undercurrent: In recent years, the fate of Southeast Asia’s great river – the Mekong – has attracted growing international scrutiny. The Mekong faces many challenges, from the […]

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As Himalayan Glaciers Melt, A Water Crisis Looms In South Asia

Via Yale e360, a look at how – as warmer air is thinning most of the vast mountain range’s glaciers, known as the Third Pole because they contain so much ice – the melting could have far-reaching consequences for flood risk and for water security for a billion people who rely on meltwater for their […]

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Climate Change To Bring Enhanced Droughts Worldwide

Via WaterWorld, an article on a new study from the University of East Anglia which estimates that rising global temperatures will increase the length and spread of major droughts for India, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Brazil, and Egypt: New research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) finds that rising global temperatures will bring significant risks of more frequent […]

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