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Chile: Unprecedented Plan To Ration Water As Drought Enters 13th Year

Via The Guardian, a report on Chile’s punishing drought: As a punishing, record-breaking drought enters its 13th year, Chile has announced an unprecedented plan to ration water for the capital of Santiago, a city of nearly 6 million. “A city can’t live without water,” Claudio Orrego, the governor of the Santiago metropolitan region, said in a press […]

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South America’s Dry Future

Courtesy of the Washington Post, an article on South America’s drought conditions: Sergio Koci’s sunflower farm in the lowlands of northern Argentina has survived decades of political upheaval, runaway inflation and the coronavirus outbreak. But as a series of historic droughts deadens vast expanses of South America, he fears a worsening water crisis could do […]

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Chilean Drought Causing Water Crisis

Via Terra Daily, a report on Chile’s drought: With historically low river flows and reservoirs running dry due to drought, people in central Chile have found themselves particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic. Years of resource exploitation and lax legislation have allowed most reservoirs in that part of the country to run dry. “There are […]

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Chile: Privatizing Rivers?

Via The Ecologist, interesting commentary on Chile’s tendency to auction-off rivers for private gain: The Chilean government has continued with the mercantile treatment of common goods, putting several rivers in the Bio Bio Region up for auction, despite ongoing social unrest.  The practice of auctioning off rivers has been legally supported by the 1981 water code. By […]

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