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50 Years of Protecting and Restoring the Great Lakes

Via The Conversation, a look at 50 years of US-Canada joint efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes: The Great Lakes cover nearly 95,000 square miles (250,000 square kilometers) and hold over 20% of Earth’s surface fresh water. More than 30 million people in the U.S. and Canada rely on them for drinking water. The lakes support a multibillion-dollar maritime economy, […]

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U.S. / Canada: A River Runs Through It

Courtesy of the Wilson Quarterly, a look at the Columbia River Treaty and what lessons it holds for Canada/US water relations: The Columbia River defines the Pacific Northwest for both Canada and the United States. It runs for 1,243 miles from the Canadian Rockies to reach the Pacific Ocean. It also forms part of the […]

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What Happens When Nunavut’s Rapidly Growing Capital City Runs Out Of Water?

Via Maclean’s, an article on a growing water crisis in Canada’s far North: Steel pipes have been driven and the foundation poured for the biggest capital project Iqaluit has ever seen, yet uncertainty hangs in the air about whether construction of the $50-million hotel and conference centre will be halted due to a water shortage. […]

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Water: One of Canada’s Biggest Potential Exports

Via Business In Vancouver, commentary on how Canadian water could be one of the country’s biggest commodity export opportunities by 2030: It’s 2030, and you are headed to a public hearing on a proposed new pipeline project. Not an oil pipeline, but a freshwater pipeline that would move water from British Columbia to Southern California. […]

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The Case For Canada Selling Its Water

Via Corporate Knights, commentary on the potential for Canada to sell its water:  If you want to see water start a fire, suggest to a Canadian that their country should consider selling any of its very large water reserves – a fifth of all the Earth’s standing surface freshwater, and seven per cent of the […]

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Could A Bulk Water Export Industry Ever Get Underway In Canada?

Via the Calgary Herald, a look at the potential for a bulk water export industry in Canada: An Alaskan company boldly declared earlier this year that it was going to ship tens of millions of litres of pristine water to parched Southern California. It would have represented the first solid evidence that a bulk water industry […]

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