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Azerbaijan Villagers Plead For Water As Vital River Dries Up

Via Terra Daily, a report on Azerbaijan’s water stress: The village of Banka in Azerbaijan should have plentiful supplies of water as it lies beside one of the country’s mightiest rivers, the Kura. But the river has shallowed dramatically this summer and has become contaminated with salty seawater, in what experts warn is an unfolding […]

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Caspian Water Transfer Under Consideration

Via the Financial Tribune, an article on Iran’s interest in transferring water from the Caspian Sea to drought stricken areas in its south: The plan to transfer water from Caspian Sea in the north to the drought-ridden Semnan Province is undergoing final reviews and waiting for the approval of the Department of Environment. Emphasizing on […]

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Azerbaijan: Armenia Using Water For Eco Terror And International Pressure

Via APA, an article on Azerbaijan’s belief that Armenia uses water resources as a means of eco terror and pressure: Armenia’s use of water resources as a means of ecological terror and pressure is a policy that is being carried out at state level, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hikmet Hajiyev toldAPA on Wednesday.  Hajiyev noted that this […]

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Climate Change + Melting Glaciers = Increased Water Tension In Central Asia

Courtesy of the BBC, a report on global warming’s impact /exacerbation of regional water tensions in Central Asia.  As the article notes: “That one – called Adigene – has decreased in size by about 20% over the last 50 years,” he says. He adds that a neighbouring glacier, Aksai, has disappeared completely. Mr Ermenbaev, who […]

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Central Asia: Upstream & Downstream Conflict Between Energy & Water

Via Columbia University’s Earth Institute, a detailed examination of the challenges facing the Central Asian region over water resource management.  As the article notes: “…Water resources management in the Central Asia region faces formidable challenges. The hydrological regimes of the two major rivers in the region, the Syr Darya and the Amu Darya, are complex […]

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Oil, Gas, and Water: Cooperation in The South Caucasus

Via Circle of Blue, an interesting report on a model of cooperation between Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan over water that may disprove the assumption that competition for water can only trigger conflict.  As the article notes: “…It is often assumed that competition for water will trigger conflict. But in the South Caucasus — a globally […]

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