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Afghan Water Reaches Iran

Via The Frontier Post, an article on large volumes of water sent from Afghanistan to Iran: Iranian officials stated that large volumes of Helmand river water released by Afghanistan gushed through the Kamal Khan Dam, and flowed into Iran in the country’s Chah-Nimeh water wells in the Sistan region. Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Islamic Republic […]

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New Afghan Dams Aim To Ease Water Crisis

Via Ariana News, a report on three new dams to be built in Kandahar to ease the province’s water shortage crisis: Three new dams are being built in the southern Afghanistan province of Kandahar in a bid to ease an acute water shortage after years of drought. China’s Xinhua News Agency reported the dams are […]

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Iran: Plans To Pursue Water Dispute With Afghanistan Via Legal Channels

Via the Iran Project, an article on Iran’s plans to to pursue the its international water dispute with Afghanistan through legal channels: Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh says the country will pursue its rights to water supply from the Hirmand River through legal channels amid a longstanding water dispute with neighboring Afghanistan. Speaking to IRNA […]

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Decades On, Pakistan Is Still Seeking A Kabul River Agreement

Via The Third Pole, an article on how the absence of a functioning government in upstream Afghanistan has hampered treaty efforts for the major Indus tributary: For decades, Pakistan has been seeking an agreement with Afghanistan on the Kabul River. But a treaty agreeing the management and allocation of water between the two countries remains […]

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Iran Urges Afghanistan To Immediately Resolve Water Rights Issues

Courtesy of The Iran Project, an article on Iran’s request that Afghanistan immediately resolve water rights issues between the two nations: Iranian Vice President Mohammad Mokhber has called on Afghanistan to immediately resolve issues surrounding Iran’s water rights from the Helmand River. In decrees addressed on Wednesday to the Iranian Foreign Ministry and a government […]

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Iranian Minister of Energy Calls On Afghanistan To Release Helmand River

Via the Iran Project, a report that Iran’s Minister of Energy has called up on the Taliban to release Helmand River water to Iran: Referring to the promise of Afghan officials on releasing the Helmand River water, the Iranian Minister of Energy said that nothing has happened in this regard So far, calling the Afghan […]

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