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Chile and Bolivia Agree On River Argument

Via Terra Daily, an article on Chile and Bolivia’s agreement over a disputed cross-border river: Chile and Bolivia have agreed on the status of a disputed cross-border river, the International Court of Justice said on Thursday, adding that judges were not required to rule on the climate-fuelled row. The fractious South American neighbours had been […]

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Water Thieves Abound In Dry California, But Are Very Hard To Catch

Via Grist, a look at why water thieves in California are so hard to catch: It’s not easy enforcing water regulations in the West. Just ask the officials in California who have been trying for almost a decade to penalize a man who took water from the river system that feeds San Francisco and bottled […]

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Drought-Hit California Cities To Get Little Water From State

Via AP News, a report that California water agencies will only receive 5% of the allocations that they requested from the state: California water agencies that serve 27 million people will get just 5% of what they requested from the state to start 2023, water officials announced Thursday. The news of limited water comes as California […]

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French Police Guard Water As Seasonal Drought Intensifies

Courtesy of the New York Times, a report on how police are guarding new reservoirs designed to supply French farms with water in increasingly arid growing seasons: Wearing bulletproof vests and carrying guns, the gendarmes appear suddenly in the middle of farm fields misted by morning rain. They stand behind two fences equipped with security […]

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Time To Stop Blaming The Compact?

Via Sustainable Waters, commentary on the Colorado River Compact and the conclusion that the true reason we are experiencing a water shortage crisis in the Colorado River Basin is not because of flaws in the Compact, but rather because we have been unable to reduce our use of water commensurate with the reality that the river […]

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In Drought-Hit Iraq, A Dam Threatens To Swallow Farmland

Via Al Monitor, an article on a dam in drought-hit Iraq that threatens farmland: Jamil al-Juburi, 53, has never left his village in northern Iraq, where his family has worked the land for generations — but a dam will soon swallow his home, forcing them out. Tens of thousands of Iraqis are threatened by the […]

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