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The Thirsty Dragon: China Spends Record Sums On Water Conservation In 2019

Via China’s Global Times, a report on China’s increased investment into water conservation projects in 2019:

China spent a record 726 billion yuan (104.46 billion U.S. dollars) on water conservation projects in 2019, said a senior official with the Ministry of Water Resources Thursday.

The country started the construction of 23 key water conservation projects and completed over 90 percent of the annual investment plan, said E Jingping, minister of water resources, at a work conference in Beijing.

China further improved drinking water quality in rural areas, which benefited 54.8 million people. The country also addressed the problem of excessive fluoride in drinking water for 6.15 million rural people.

China will step up efforts to improve water conservation infrastructure such as farmland irrigation facilities in poverty-stricken areas in 2020, and push for the construction of key water conservation projects, the minister said.

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