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Iran: The Regime Will Find a Way to Undermine Water Crisis Solutions

Via Future Directions International, commentary on Iran’s water crisis: Iran’s water crisis has not occurred in a vacuum. To understand the crisis and how to fix it, a study that goes beyond the economics or the science of the water crisis is needed. A focus on institutions and political processes inside Iran is what problem […]

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Water Tension Between Iran and Afghanistan

Via Times of Central Asia, commentary on  Tehran’s influence behind the recent clashes in Afghanistan’s Farah province, where some feel that Iran may be working the Taliban to its advantage to secure control of local resources, particularly water: Iran’s alleged support of the Taliban in bordering Afghan regions is likely to be caused by Tehran’s intention to […]

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Iran’s Lake Urmia

Via The Iran Project, a report on potential ways to restore Iran’s Lake Urmia: Talking about Lake Urmia, a body of water shared between East and West Azarbaijan provinces in northwestern Iran, chief of Iran’s Department of Environment (DOE) put emphasis on the fact that no water transfer scheme is underway for restoration of the […]

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Drought Intensifies Iran-Afghan Dispute over Water Resources

Via Future Directions International, a look at water tension between Iran and Afghanistan that is at risk of boiling over: Iran is currently facing its worst drought in fifty years, with nearly half the population likely to face severe water shortages. The situation in Afghanistan is also dire, with a 60per cent shortfall in rain and snow during winter; […]

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Dams in Africa: Balancing Food, Water and Energy Security

Courtesy of Future Directions International, a comprehensive report on dams in Africa: Key Points Electrification rates are low across Africa, with electricity demand much larger than supply. The continent holds enormous hydroelectric potential, less than ten per cent of which is exploited. Two countries in particular, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, have […]

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Making Of A Water Crisis: How A Colonial Dream Ran Morocco Dry

Via Dissent Magazine, commentary on Morocco’s water crisis: Last fall, the residents of Zagora, a Moroccan city on the edge of the Sahara, decided they were fed up with the watermelons. Plagued for years by water shortages, they pointed a finger at the prosperous, export-oriented fruit farms outside the city for hogging their wells. In […]

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