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Computer Models Indicate Water Problems In Asia’s Future

Via China Daily, a slightly dated look at Asia’s impending water crisis: Water. Leonardo da Vinci called it “the elixir of life”. Yet worldwide, at least a billion people live with no nearby source, according to the World Health Organization, and of the remaining 6 billion people, only 42 percent have either running water in […]

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Drying Up: Kenya-Ethiopia Cross-Border Agreements Will Not Fix Water Crisis

Via Future Directions International, a report on the impact of some recent cross border agreements between Kenya and Ethiopia on water issues: Background Newly signed cross-border agreements between the Kenyan and Ethiopian Governments are aimed at capitalising on the economic potential of the border region. The region faces a severe water crisis as a result […]

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Egypt’s Ambitious Desalination Plans

Via Global Water Intelligence, an article on Egypt’s ambitious desalination plans: The minister responsible for Egypt’s water infrastructure has said the country plans to build 1 million m3/d of seawater desalination capacity over the next five years alone as the country looks to make coastal areas independent from the Nile water supply. Housing minister Moustafa […]

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Violent Clashes Increase in Kenya over the Depleting Lake Turkana

Via Future Directions International, a report on tensions in northwest Kenya regarding Lake Turkana: Background Tensions are building around Lake Turkana in north-west Kenya over the depleting lake’s scarce resources. The Gibe III hydroelectric dam, 600 kilometres up the Omo River in Ethiopia and inaugurated in December 2016, has been met with widespread criticism over […]

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