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Water Dispute Between Iran and Afghanistan Sees New Developments

Via Iranian Diplomacy, an article looking at the potential to find a peaceful solution, despite escalating rhetoric in Afghanistan over a water dispute with Iran: Afghanistan is a mountainous, landlocked country. Thus, rivers are the country’s sole water resources, i.e. its lifeline. On the other hand, more than three decades of war, chaos, and absence of a […]

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The Parched Tiger: India Hastens Hydropower Projects In Jammu And Kashmir

Via Third Pole, a look at India’s determination to utilize the provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty to the full: At a time when hydropower dams are running into challenges across South Asia, and being dismantled in the US and Europe, the government of India is planning speedy construction of eight hydroelectricity projects in the Himalayan state of […]

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Rome Rations Water

Via The Guardian, an article on the threat of Rome needing to ration water due to drought: More than a million residents of Rome are facing water rationing for up to eight hours a day as the prolonged heatwave that has ravaged southern Europe takes its toll on the Italian capital. Some businesses are already reporting sporadic […]

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Comparative Cost of Water

Via Make Wealth History, an interesting comparison of the cost of water in selected developing countries: That’s not the cost people are paying every day, but the cost for 50 litres, which is what the World Health Organisation considers an adequate level of consumption for health and hygiene. It’s from WaterAid’s State of the World’s Water report […]

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Is Syria Really A ‘Climate War’?

Via The Conservation, an interesting look at the links between drought, migration and conflict in Syria: The Syrian civil war has raged for more than six years now. You’ve probably heard the following story linking it to climate change: an intense drought, made more likely thanks to global warming, caused “mass migration” within the country from rural to […]

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Water Crisis In Iran May Lead To Future Conflict

Via the Iran News Update, commentary on Iran’s water crisis: An open letter from an organisation dedicated to treating the water crisis in Iran criticising Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for his mishandling of the crisis has been released. The letter, signed by 110 experts, researchers and scientists in the field of water security, warned Rouhani […]

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