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Uzbek Delegation Ignores International Conference on Water Cooperation

Via news group, a brief report on simmering water tensions in Central Asia, as displayed during a recent International Conference on Water Cooperation:

Representatives of Uzbekistan did not attend the International Conference on Water Cooperation.

It should be noted, that Uzbekistan has repeatedly opposed construction of Kambarata-1 hydropower plant in Kyrgyzstan and Rogun hydropower plant in Tajikistan, fearing for break of dams and flooding of its territories. Kyrgyzstan has officially invited Uzbekistan to the meeting of the intergovernmental commission on construction of Kambarata-1, but the delegation has not come.

The Uzbek leader Islam Karimov said that “Amu Darya and Syr Darya are transboundary rivers.” “Water resources could become a problem which would worsen the relationship not only in our region. Things can get worse so that it can cause not only serious confrontation, but even wars,” he said.

Recall, the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Zhantoro Satybaldyev participates in the conference.

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