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The Thirsty Dragon: Water Consumption In Beijing To Hit Record High

Via China Daily, a report on Beijing’s water needs:

China’s capital is expected to exceed its historical record of water consumption this summer, local water authorities said Friday.

It is estimated that the peak day volume of water consumption in Beijing will reach 2.97 million cubic meters this summer, said Liang Li, a spokeswoman for the Beijing Waterworks Group.

The figure is only 30,000 cubic meters less than the city’s maximum daily water supply capacity of 3 million cubic meters, she said.

If Beijing sees this new water usage peak, all of the city’s 11 water works will be running at full capacity, she said, urging citizens and institutions to conserve water.

On May 28, Beijing’s water consumption reached 2.77 million cubic meters, exceeding the peak amount seen last year.

The peak season for water usage in Beijing falls in June, July and August. Visitors from home and abroad during the summer tourist season also put more pressure on water consumption in the city.

Beijing has been plagued by drought for 13 consecutive years, and its fast-paced economic development and ever-growing population have exacerbated the water shortage.

Available per capita water usage in Beijing has dropped to 100 cubic meters, about one-tenth of the internationally-recognized warning level.

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