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Peak Water In Cyprus Piques Social Tensions

Courtesy of The BBC, an interesting report on the water tensions between Turkish and Greek communities in Cyprus.  As the article notes: “…We are in Nicosia, one of Europe’s last divided cities, and the focus of a bitter and bloody feud between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. It goes back to 1974, when the island […]

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The Mighty Mekong No Longer?

A pair of articles examining the increased tensions between Thailand and China over Mekong River water.  As the first report notes, the Thai government has been quick to blame Chinese dams on the upper stretches of the river, but that may not be fair. “…The Bangkok Post ran this story on 22 February: Ever since […]

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A Peace Pipe(line) Providing Water To Cyprus?

Via MinnPost, an interesting look at the potential that a water shortage and a proposed pipeline could help bring peace to Cyprus.  As the article notes: “…When Cyprus lay dry and parched with drought in 2008, Senol Akmehmet had to buy water shipped in by truck to keep his goats and sheep alive. He couldn’t […]

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Indian-Pakistani Water Tensions

As we have discussed in this forum before, there are significant water-related tensions between Pakistan and India.  At the heart of Pakistan’s crisis is the Indus River which, already so badly overused that its water rarely reaches its now dried-up delta, also faces an alarming loss of up to a third of its flow by […]

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