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World Water Use

Via Forbes, an insightful map in which the size of each nation is distorted to illustrate its respective total annual water consumption. China, India and the United States appear largest, indicating they use the most water overall.

These tables show the countries that use the most and least water per square centimeter of land. Relatively small countries like Bangladesh and Bahrain use a disproportionally large amount of water.

Rank Territory Value* Rank Territory Value*
1 Bangladesh 64 191 Djibouti 0.04
2 Bahrain 44 192 Namibia 0.03
3 Mauritius 31 193 Mongolia 0.03
4 Belgium 27 194 Angola 0.03
5 Japan 24 195 Botswana 0.03
6 Netherlands 24 196 Chad 0.02
7 Pakistan 23 197 Papua New Guinea 0.02
8 Maldives 23 198 Dem. Rep. Congo 0.02
9 Vietnam 23 199 Congo 0.01
10 India 22 200 Cent. African Rep. < 0.01

*Cubic centimeters of water volume used annually, per square centimeter of land area

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