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Water shortages in Kyrgyzstan Cause Serious Problems in Uzbekistan

From, a report that low water levels in the Toktogul dam of Kyrgyzstan are having an adverse impact on Uzbek agriculture, as Toktogul is the main water reservoir in Fergana Valley.  As the article notes:

“…Uzbekistan is already having problems with irrigation of cotton fields in its Fergana valley part. The abnormal weather – very cold winter that already changed to summer-like hot spring and low level of atmospheric precipitations – caused problems in all countries of Central Asia. Due to the severe cold during the winter, electricity consumption skyrocketed in Kyrgyzstan. To meet the demand all hydroelectric stations, including Toktogul, which is the biggest one in the region, worked in full capacity, passing the large volumes of water during the winter time, thus, leaving not much water for the rest period of the year.

Today, in order to save water for winter time, which is also is being predicted to be very cold, the Kyrgyzenegro is holding planned blackouts throughout the country. Decreasing the level of electricity production in the hydro-electric stations in Kyrgyzstan means passing less water to the rivers that eventually flow to Uzbekistan. Therefore, some part of Uzbekistani Fergana valley might have serious problems with irrigation due to the lack of water…”

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