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Looming Water Supply Crises: Future Water Availability – Winners and Losers

As reported by Terra Daily, a prominent group of hydrologists and climatologists writing in Science magazine argue that climate change has already dramatically altered the water cycle and these changes signal a looming water supply crisis. As the article notes, a picture of future water availability gainers and losers can be projected: “…Our best current […]

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New Threat To Lake Victoria: Need for Improved Multiparty Lakeshore Management

As noted in Terra Daily, two hydroelectricity dams appear to be threatening the health of Lake Victoria – and of the people living along its shores who depend on the lake for food. A new study suggests that the dams’ systematic overuse of water has decreased the lake level by at least two meters between […]

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China and Russia Agree on The Use & Protection of Trans-Border Waterways

As reported by Xinhua News, China and Russia recently signed an agreement on the use and protection of the approximately 3,500 kilometers of trans-border water bodies shared by the two nations, including the Ergun, Heilongjiang and Wusuli rivers, and Xingkai Lake.  As the report notes: “…The agreement indicates the two countries have entered a new […]

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