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Can Arab League Push Ethiopia To Delay Filling Of Nile Dam?

Via Al-Monitor, an article on how – while Arab foreign ministers called on Ethiopia to refrain from filling the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam next month without prior agreement with Egypt and Sudan – many Arab experts and observers believe this position must be translated into action to support Egypt and Sudan in their dispute with Ethiopia: Arab […]

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As Nile Dam Tensions Rise, ‘Miscalculation’ Could Lead to Conflict

Via VOA News, an update on Nile Dam tensions where some observers fear that ‘miscalculation’ could lead to conflict: Ethiopia is moving forward with a plan to fill a massive reservoir behind a new dam on the Nile River and Egypt is calling the move a threat to peace and security in the region and is […]

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Egypt’s Losing Battle on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), analysis of Egypt’s position on the Grand Renaissance Dam: The failure of last week’s negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam means that the initial filling of the $4 billion hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile will likely occur without an agreement between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia. Egypt will attempt, […]

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Ethiopia To Fill Disputed Dam, Deal Or No Deal

Via Associated Press, a report on latest developments related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: It’s a clash over water usage that Egypt calls an existential threat and Ethiopia calls a lifeline for millions out of poverty. Just weeks remain before the filling of Africa’s most powerful hydroelectric dam might begin, and tense talks between the […]

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Egypt Accuses Ethiopia of Holding It “Hostage” in Nile Dam Talks

Via Terra Daily, an update on the dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia over the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam: Egypt said Saturday that tripartite talks with Ethiopia and Sudan over a controversial mega-dam on the River Nile were deadlocked because of Addis Ababa’s “intransigence”. The Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been a source of tension […]

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Eternal Dam-nation: How Ethiopia and Egypt Are Pushing Each Other To The Brink Over The Nile

Via Quartz, a report on how Ethiopia and Egypt are pushing each other to the brink in a battle for control on the river Nile: When Ethiopia, this week, criticized the Egyptian government for its “unprincipled” stand on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) it raised the stakes on one of the Africa’s most contentious diplomatic […]

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