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Colonial-Era Treaties To Blame For Unresolved Dispute Over Ethiopia’s Dam

Via The Conversation, a look at how colonial-era Nile river treaties are to blame for the unresolved dispute over Ethiopia’s dam: Disputes over the filling and operation of Ethiopia’s Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam have, once again, threatened security in North-East Africa. The dam – a huge project on one of the River Nile’s main tributaries, the Blue […]

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Egypt Steps Up Diplomatic Action In Nile Dam Dispute

Via Al Monitor, an update on the Nile dam dispute: As part of extensive diplomatic actions to shore up support for Egypt in the Nile dam dispute, Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry has toured seven Arab capitals — Amman, Muscat, Baghdad, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait City and Manama — since March 7. He also went on a European tour that included Belgium […]

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Water Scarcity: The Most Severe Threat Facing MENA

Via The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, commentary on the water scarcity crisis in the Middle East/North Africa region: Water scarcity is one of the most pressing issues facing the international community today and has gained widespread attention recently due to the rise in global temperatures and the increase in water consumption in a number […]

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250 million People Rely On The Nile For Water That May Not exist By 2080

Via Quartz, an article on the Nile’s parched future: The Nile river snakes through 11 countries, providing hundreds of millions of people with the majority of their water supply. For many, it is their only water source. Egypt, for one, gets about 85% of its water from the river—and experts expect the country to face a nationwide freshwater shortage by […]

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GERD-lock: Ethiopia Asks U.S. to Postpone Final Talks on Blue Nile Dam

Courtesy of The New York Times, a report on Ethiopia’s request to postpone negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Ethiopia has asked the United States to postpone what was expected to be the final round of talks on the giant Blue Nile hydropower dam, it said on Wednesday, delaying the potential resolution of a […]

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Damming the White Nile

Via Future Directions International, an article on the potential dam being considered on Uganda’s White Nile river:   According to a Reuters report, a Chinese hydropower developer has applied to build the US$1.4 billion ($2.1 billion) Ayago hydropower plant between Lakes Kyoga and Albert on the White Nile in Uganda. Sinohydro, another Chinese construction company, is expected […]

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