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The Great Lakes Mirage…

As reported by The Buffalo News, pressure from parched areas who are beginning to eye the Great Lakes water supply is increasing as sources of fresh water dry up and demand rises.  As the article notes: “…A growing population and a warmer world are pressuring the country’s water supply. And that pressure raises a question: […]

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Water: Oil of this Century (2)

Via The Christian Science Monitor, an interesting report on whether water – as Dow Chemical Chairman Andrew Liveris told the World Economic Forum in February – “is the oil of this century.” As the article notes: “…Cyprus will ferry water from Greece this summer. Australian cities are buying water from that nation’s farmers and building […]

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The Great Lakes – Another Aral Sea?

Reading Toronto recently published a provocative report which contemplated the possibility that the havoc exploitative policies caused on the Aral Sea’s once seemingly robust ecosystem could conceivably emerge in North America if various jurisdictions (i.e. Canada, the U.S., various states & provinces) manage the Great Lakes with selfish, short-terms views in mind.  As the article […]

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Geo-Strategic Implications of Dwindling Water Resources

Noticed an interesting report on the geo-strategic implications of climate change put together by The CNA Corporation, a nonprofit institution that conducts in-depth, independent research and analysis.  CNA brought together eleven retired three-star and four-star admirals and generals to provide advice, expertise and perspective on the impact of climate change.  Here is what the report […]

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Rings Around Southwest’s Deepening Drought: The Noose Around the Neck of the Region?

An interesting article at Modeshift examines further examples of the signs of a changing climate and an economy that has been slow to respond.  Focused primarily on the U.S. southwest, where supply constraints are affecting multiple state & local jurisdictions, the report also takes a look at the U.S. southeast and the longing eye with […]

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Great Lakes Water Wars

With large sections of the American West and South suffering through drought, some politicians and water managers are viewing the Great Lakes as the natural-resource equivalent of a fat pension fund, a “tappable” resource which could help in the near-term at the expense of future generations and regional communities. As a recent article from the […]

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