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Drought In US West

Via The Economist, a report on how the lack of snow in the US west is worsening the Colorado River’s supply problem: On March 13th, Denverites watched from frozen windows as the fourth-biggest snowstorm ever to hit their city buried Colorado’s capital two feet deep, and added fresh powder to the foothills of the Rockies. Local officials […]

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A Clear Warning About the Colorado River

Via Adventure Journal, a short piece on the Colorado River: For the West this past summer, the news about water was grim. In some parts of California, it didn’t rain for over 100 days. In western Colorado, the ground was so dry that runoff at first evaporated into the air. And in New Mexico and […]

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In Drying Colorado River Basin, Indian Tribes Are Water Dealmakers

Via Circle of Blue, a look at how native Americans – who hold 20 percent of the basin’s water rights – will shape the future of the Southwest: Mired in drought and torched by one of the hottest years ever measured, the seven states of the Colorado River Basin are acutely aware of how a […]

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Future Upper Colorado River Basin Water Use Estimates Confound Planning

Via The Colorado Sun, an article on the complexity and politics involved in Colorado River water use estimates: Some water experts fear that a long-held aspiration to develop more water in the Upper Colorado River Basin is creating another chance to let politics and not science lead the way on river management. “Alternative Management Paradigms […]

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The Colorado River Crisis Is a National Crisis

Via The New Republic, an article on how Colorado River drought and water supply issues could soon affect 12 percent of Americans: The Colorado River supports over 40 million people spread across seven southwestern states, 29 tribal nations, and Mexico. It’s responsible for the irrigation of roughly 5.5 million acres of land marked for agricultural […]

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Drought-stricken Colorado River Basin Could See Additional 20% Drop in Water Flow by 2050

Via Yale Climate Connections, a look at how the region is transitioning to a more arid climate, challenging longstanding practices of water-sharing in the basin: Colorado is no stranger to drought. The current one is closing in on 20 years, and a rainy or snowy season here and there won’t change the trajectory. This is what […]

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