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Caspian Faces “Catastrophic Drop in Water Levels” This Century

Via EurasiaNet, a report on the plight of the Caspian that may make the Aral Sea merely a forewarning of what is ahead: As the globe warms and sea levels rise, the lands abutting the Caspian Sea are facing the opposite problem. Forecasters expect a sharp drop in precipitation in Central Asia and increased evaporation […]

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Iran Launches $1.5 Billion Project To Bring Water From Caspian Sea To Country’s Central Desert

Via The Washington Post, an article on a new Iranian plan to address its drinking and irrigation water shortage.  As the report notes: Iran has launched a $1.5 billion project to bring water for drinking and irrigation from the Caspian Sea to its central desert. Monday’s report on state TV did not say how long […]

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Caspian Politics: Sea or Lake?

Via The National, a report summarizing the dilemma and regional politics surrounding the Caspian Sea: “…Is the Caspian a sea or a lake? Maybe a rather metaphysical question for the business section but the answer could have profound results for the central Asian energy industry, which holds perhaps the largest amount of under-exploited oil and […]

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Geopolitics and Petropolitics Over the Caspian Sea

Via John C. K. Daly at UPI, a very detailed analysis of the Caspian region. While the report is written from the perspective of the search for hydrocarbons, it offers a careful look at some of the very real geopolitical complexities – and long-term environmental & hydrological implications – that may arise over the Caspian […]

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