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Water In Central Asia: Past, Present, And Future

Via Central Asia Notes, an interesting look at Central Asia’s water issues: Water management in Central Asia: state and impact Since ancient times, water has been an important resource in Central Asia. It has been used by Soviet and now independent states for different purposes. At present, all countries of the region continue using water […]

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UN Calls For More Water Cooperation In Central Asia

Via Radio Free Europe, a report from the UN indicating that more cooperation among Central Asian states sharing the shores of a key river could be the key to future peace and security in the region:   The Kokaral dam in the North Aral Sea In a fresh report, the UN Environmental Program, or UNEP, […]

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The Aral Sea

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, an updated look at the tragedy of the Aral Sea: Aral Sea Satellite Outline in 2009, Showing the Original Shoreline of 1960. Courtesy of NASA “…The Aral Sea, shared by Kazakhstan to the north and Uzbekistan to the south, is a sad story of one of the most devastating ecological disasters […]

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Geopolitics of the Aral Sea

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting video analysis of the geopolitics of a drying Aral Sea.

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Water Tension In Central Asia

Courtesy of The Open Economy, a detailed look at the growing water crisis in Central Asia.  We have covered this several times previously in this forum but, given the increasing severity and likelihood of transnational tensions, it seems useful to address it once again.  As the article notes: “…At first glance, China’s neighbour Kyrgyzstan, with […]

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A Dying Aral Sea Gives Rise To Increased Tensions In The Region

Via Window on Eurasia, a report that demise of the Aral Sea, the loss of which is already having an adverse effect on two-thirds of the 50 million people in Central Asia, is rapidly increasing tensions in the capitals of the five countries of the region and could spark new and larger military conflicts among […]

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