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Global Water Supply and Demand Trends Point Towards Rising Water Insecurity

Via Future Directions International, a look at global water supply and demand: Key Points Water demand is expected to increase over the next 30 years. It is unlikely that natural supplies will be sufficient to meet that demand in some parts of the world. While most of the world’s water will continue to be used […]

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MENA Water Security

Via SmartWater Magazine, a report on water scarcity in the MENA region: Water crisis, extreme weather events, and failure of climate change adaptation continue to be ranked in the top 10 global risks for business continuity and growth especially for the Middle East and North Africa, the most water scarce region in the world. The Synthesis Report […]

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Water Scarcity and Global Politics: Taking The World To The Precipice

Via the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, commentary on the nexus between water scarcity and global politics: The link between climate change and human security has been on the global security radar for decades. Researchers have long understood how and why the earth’s climate is changing and what these changes mean for human and environmental systems. But the […]

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Feeding Ourselves Thirsty

Via China Water Risk, a look at Ceres’ latest benchmarking report which finds the food sector has improved in managing water risk, but more is needed: With USD415bn at risk from lack of water for irrigation/livestock & USD248bn at risk from changing rainfall patterns affecting crops, Ceres has assessed the food industry on water risk management […]

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Water Crises Again Ranked a Top Global Risk in World Economic Forum Report

As reported by Circle of Blue, for the first time in the history of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, environmental concerns — including water crises, failure to adapt to climate change, and biodiversity loss — dominate the top long-term risks. The report underscores systemic and potentially disruptive geopolitical risks related to the environment, […]

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Water ‘Wars’ Wash Over The World

Via South Africa’s Mail & Guardian, an OpEd examining the impact of global water scarcity: More people around the world are fighting over water, according to the Pacific Institute, a United States-based think tank. But in Africa the rate of the increase in water-related conflicts is proportionally less than it was in previous decades. Data […]

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