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Ending Conflicts Over Water

Via The Pacific Institute, a report on water conflicts: Growing Tensions Over Freshwater In recent years, a wide range of water-related factors have contributed to political instability, human dislocation and migration, agricultural and food insecurity, and in more and more cases, actual conflict and violence. Demand for water has grown as populations and economies expand, while […]

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Water Warning As Climate Risks Intensify

Via TerraDaily, a report on global water risks: Record temperatures are accelerating the rise of sea levels, melting glaciers and snow coverage and threatening the water supplies for billions, according to a major UN report Wednesday charting the “increasing and irreversible” impacts of climate change. The multi-agency United in Science report said the world had […]

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How to Solve Water-Related Conflicts

Via the World Resources Institute, an article on water related conflict and political instability: Water-related conflict and political instability are on the rise across the globe. The factors that drive such conflict and instability seem to be intensifying, including: population growth, economic expansion, severe and prolonged drought, climate change, pollution, the destruction of natural landscapes, upstream infrastructure development (such […]

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Germany’s Groundwater Wells Are Running Dry Amid Climate Crisis

Via Deutsche Welle, a report on how, as German cities and towns are struggling with water shortages, climate change is making it more difficult for municipalities to reach the groundwater they rely on: Despite the lush, verdant nature that surrounds the German town of Ulrichstein, residents here — and in the region — suffer from […]

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Water Wars To Increasingly Fuel African and Middle East Conflicts

Via South Africa’s Daily Maverick, commentary on how water shortages and transboundary water conflicts are fuelling conflicts across Africa and the Middle East: The planet is heating up fast. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Middle East and Africa where the impacts on water security and food security can exacerbate the conflict dynamics […]

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“Water Wars” are Turning into a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Via The New Eastern Outlook Journal, commentary on the risk that water wars will lead to increased conflict: “Water wars” caused by drought, crop failures, and a shortage of fresh water are as urgent nowadays for the public in many areas as the use of nuclear bombs, chemical weapons, and other weapons of mass destruction. […]

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