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Taiwan’s Drought Worsens

Via Terra Daily,  an article on Taiwan’s imposition of water rationing as its drought worsens: More than one million households and businesses in Taiwan’s heavily industrialised central regions were put on water rationing Tuesday, as the island battles its worst drought in 56 years. The shortage is expected to particularly impact the water-intensive microchip manufacturing sector […]

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Will Climate Change Dry Up Supply Chains?

Via Zurich Insurance, a look at the concern that droughts could cause some of the world’s most important rivers to become unnavigable leading to the loss of vital inland shipping routes: The Rhine is not only one of Europe’s longest rivers, it is also one of its most important transport conduits. Flowing from its source in […]

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Africa: To Avoid Water Conflicts in Africa, Stop Playing the Colonial Card

Via Deutsche Welle, commentary on how African countries need to stop using colonial-era treaties to hoard water resources and instead focus on sustainable water management to mitigate the impacts of climate change: As we mark World Water Day, I would like to take this time to remind African countries to stop taking advantage of colonial-era […]

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Chipmakers In Drought-Hit Taiwan Order Water Trucks To Prepare For ‘the worst

Via Yahoo! Finance, a report on how Taiwanese technology companies are responding to Taiwan’s drought conditions: Taiwan chipmakers are buying water by the truckload for some of their foundries as the island widens restrictions on water supply amid a drought that could exacerbate a chip supply crunch for the global auto industry. Some auto makers […]

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Why Water Conflict is Rising, Especially on the Local Level

Via The Center for Climate and Security, an article on water conflict: That future wars will be fought over water, rather than oil, has become something of a truism, particularly with regard to the Middle East. It’s also one that most water experts have refuted time and time and time again. But while this preference for cooperation over conflict may (and emphasis […]

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The Ongoing Collapse of the World’s Aquifers

Via Wired, a report on how – when humans over-exploit underground water supplies – the ground collapses like a huge empty water bottle. It’s called subsidence, and it could affect 1.6 billion people by 2040: AS CALIFORNIA’S ECONOMY skyrocketed during the 20th century, its land headed in the opposite direction. A booming agricultural industry in the […]

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