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Severe Water Stress, Absolute Scarcity for 2 to 4 Billion Humans by 2025

Via Inter Press News Service, an article on global water stress: Now it comes to the scary water crises, as it is estimated that, globally, over two billion people live in countries that experience high water stress. On this, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) also reports that ”other estimates are even more pessimistic, with up […]

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Climate Change and Water Scarcity: Giving Rise To Human Migration

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, an interview focused on how climate change and shifting water supplies are causing the greatest migration in human history: J. Carl Ganter: This is Speaking of Water from Circle of Blue. I’m J. Carl Ganter. Parag Khanna: There are many drivers and they’re all in overdrive right now. JCG: Human civilization […]

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Tapped Out: Where Is California’s Water Going?

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a report on the battle over water between small and large farmers in central California? Farmers in the heart of California’s agricultural belt – Kings County – sense something is awry with their water supplies. In this intensively farmed, perennially dry county, water is leaving at a concerning rate.  “We’ve […]

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Somalia Faces ‘Rapidly Worsening’ Drought: UN

Via Terra Daily, a report on Somalia’s drought: Somalia’s “rapidly worsening” drought has left more than two million people facing severe food and water shortages, the United Nations said, warning of a fourth consecutive season of poor rainfall in the conflict-wracked country. “About 2.3 million people in 57 of 74 districts… are ravaged by serious […]

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Urbanization and Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific

Via The Diplomat, an interesting look at how climate change and urbanization interact in the Asia-Pacific, leading to new traditional and non-traditional security risks: Urbanization and Water Rapid urbanization leads to increased competition over the same water resources over a small, densely populated area, leading to unequal access to safe water resources, and environmental degradation and […]

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Global Heating: The Threat to Asia

Via Nikkei Asia, an article on the threat of climate change on Asia: The “Asian century” has barely begun — but it is already in peril from global heating. Rising sea levels and extreme weather pose grave threats to the islands, coastal cities and tropical zones of a vast region where more than half of […]

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