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Water As A Weapon: A Historical Look

Via The Smithsonian, an article on the history of water being used as a weapon: It was a sultry-hot Sunday in August 2014 when ISIS came to the Iraqi town of Snune. Roaring around the flanks of Sinjar Mountain in the country’s far northwest, the black-clad fighters quickly seized whatever men, women and children hadn’t been able […]

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Groundwater: Take More Than A Century To Adapt To Climate Change?

Via The Conversation, commentary on the state of the world’s groundwater: Groundwater is the biggest store of accessible freshwater in the world, providing billions of people with water for drinking and crop irrigation. That’s all despite the fact that most will never see groundwater at its source – it’s stored naturally below ground within the Earth’s pores and […]

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Images Of A Thirsty World

Via Quartz, some striking images of our thirsty world: Predictions of catastrophic water shortages may seem like apocalyptic visions of the future, but water crises are indeed a fact of modern life already. Natural factors like drought have left some reservoirs depleted, while siphoning of historical water sources have transformed freshwater bodies into dusty shadows […]

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Drought + Conflict = Climate Refugees

Via Eco Business, an article on statistical examination of whether – in a context of poor governance and a medium level of democracy – severe climate conditions can create conflict over scarce resources: Austrian researchers have made it simpler to identify climate refugees, claiming to have established a direct causal link between climate change, conflict and the […]

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Going, Going, Gone: The Global Water Crisis

Courtesy of Quartz, a report on the world’s water crisis: t the edge of the Sea of Cortez lies what was once the mouth of the 1,450-mile-long Colorado River, a marsh land that, half a century ago, was filled with birds and wildlife and supported hundreds of small farms and fisheries. But drought, dams, and […]

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A Global Groundwater ‘Time Bomb’

Via Motherboard, a report on how climate change could disrupt nearly half of the world’s groundwater supply within 100 years: Many harsh realities of climate change are kicking in around the world, including extreme weather and sea level rise. But scientists now warn that there’s an overlooked “time bomb” on the horizon as temperatures warm—the global groundwater […]

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