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Blue Peace Index

Via China Water Risk, a look at The Economist Intelligence Unit’s new Blue Peace Index (BPI) and how it promotes transboundary water cooperation: Freshwater resources are dwindling fast ; by 2050, >50% of the world’s population will live in water scarce regions, plus 45% GDP, 52% population & 40% of grain production of the world […]

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Global River Flows Declining

Via Bloomberg, a report on how groundwater pumping in some of the world’s critical watersheds is exceeding safe levels and causing surface waters to fall at an alarming rate: Another slow-motion, man-made environmental disaster has been discovered, and it’s underneath your feet. About 70% of the water pumped out of underground aquifers worldwide is used […]

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Beyond Seasonable Drought: Precipitation Paucity Pushes Panama Towards A Precipice

Via The Economist, a look at how climate change threatens the Panama Canal: Take in the view from atop Gatun dam and fathom what is missing. Container ships float idly on Lake Gatun, near the midpoint of the Panama Canal, awaiting passage to the Caribbean sea, their gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. What look like […]

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Water Wars Are Here

Via New Republic, an article on how – in a warming world – fights over water usage have become ideological battles: Everyone remembers the scene in Chinatown when Jack Nicholson almost gets his nose sliced off, but many do not recall what the dispute was about. It wasn’t drug smuggling or gun running that got Nicholson’s character slashed. […]

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Middle Eastern Water Stress Could Cause Widespread Regional Instability in the Years to Come

Via Future Directions International, a report on Middle Eastern water stress: The World Resources Institute recently identified 18 countries that are likely to suffer from extreme levels of water stress (due to their propensity to use more of their water resources than can be naturally replenished). Of those 18 countries, 11 are located in the Middle East. […]

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Drought and Unrest Push Residents Out of Central America’s Dry Corridor

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a report on the impact of drought in Central America: Residents of Central America’s Dry Corridor are at a crossroads: stay in the drought-stricken region, where food insecurity and violence are rampant, or migrate.  Running along the Pacific Coast, the Dry Corridor includes parts of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and […]

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