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MENA Region Among Most Water Stressed

Via World Resources Institute, a graphical look at the world’s national water stress rankings, where twelve of the seventeen most water-stressed areas are in the Middle East and North Africa region:  

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The Developing World’s Water Crisis

Via The Asia Times, a report on a recent study that shows 15 cities in South Asia, Africa and South America shows where water is inaccessible and unaffordable: Developing economies across Asia, Africa and South America, known as the Global South, are steadily running out of drinking water and accessing what is available is blowing a […]

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17 Countries, Home to One-Quarter of the World’s Population, Face Extremely High Water Stress

Via the World Resources Institute, a look at the regions of the world facing extreme water stress: Once-unthinkable water crises are becoming commonplace. Reservoirs in Chennai, India’s sixth-largest city, are nearly dry right now. Last year, residents of Cape Town, South Africa narrowly avoided their own “Day Zero” water shut-off. And the year before that, Rome rationed water to […]

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Beyond Water Wars?

Courtesy of The Wilson Quarterly, an interesting look at that, while dire predictions of nations battling over water have not come true, the most bitter conflicts over water are closer to home: Former World Bank Vice-President Ismail Serageldin predicted in 1995 that “the wars of the next century will be about water.” It was a […]

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How Climate Change Can Fuel Wars

Courtesy of The Economist, commentary on the fact that droughts are already making conflict more likely and – as the world gets hotter – mayhem could spread: On the outskirts of Baga Sola, a small town in Chad not far from the border with Nigeria, is a refugee camp called Dar es Salaam. The name […]

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Global Freshwater Supplies Threatened by Overuse

Via Future Directions International, a sobering look at global freshwater supplies: As global demand for food and water grows, there is increasing pressure on the world’s freshwater supplies. Climate change is responsible for some surface water loss, as weather patterns become hotter and dryer in some regions, prolonging droughts and accelerating evaporation. Although climate change has […]

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