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How Climate Change Can Fuel Wars

Courtesy of The Economist, commentary on the fact that droughts are already making conflict more likely and – as the world gets hotter – mayhem could spread: On the outskirts of Baga Sola, a small town in Chad not far from the border with Nigeria, is a refugee camp called Dar es Salaam. The name […]

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Global Freshwater Supplies Threatened by Overuse

Via Future Directions International, a sobering look at global freshwater supplies: As global demand for food and water grows, there is increasing pressure on the world’s freshwater supplies. Climate change is responsible for some surface water loss, as weather patterns become hotter and dryer in some regions, prolonging droughts and accelerating evaporation. Although climate change has […]

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Worsening Drought and Conflict Loom in Southeast Asia

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a look at worsening drought in southeast Asia: More than 66 million Southeast Asians had their lives disrupted by drought in the past three decades. Dry conditions aggravated poverty and inequality, and inflamed regional conflicts. Unless governments take decisive action soon, the future could be worse, a new report warns. […]

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England: Could Run Short of Water Within 25 Years

Courtesy of The Guardian, an article on how England could run short of water within 25 years: England is set to run short of water within 25 years, the chief executive of the Environment Agency has warned. The country is facing the ‘‘jaws of death”, Sir James Bevan said, at the point where water demand from […]

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Subterranean Blues: The Global Groundwater Crisis

Courtesy of The Economist, a report on groundwater: In 2004, when Danmanti Devi was four years old, her mother took her to see a doctor because of pains in her legs. The doctor wrongly diagnosed polio. He could do no more than prescribe painkillers. Danmanti’s legs are now deformed. Many others in Churaman Nagar, her 140-household […]

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Controlling The Source: Water Related Conflict On The Rise

Via The Economist, an article on how violence of access to water is on the rise: It has become a cliché of doom-mongering: future wars will be over water. The forecast is old enough to face a sceptical backlash. Whatever happened, people ask, to the water wars? One answer emphasises the role water has played in […]

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