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Google Search: Water

Via Bloomberg, an interesting report on how Google – to meet surging demand for online information – taps public water supplies that are already straining from overuse: In August 2019, the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association built a 16-foot pyramid of jugs in its main entrance in Phoenix. The goal was to show residents of this desert region […]

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Day Zero For Colorado River?

Via Sustainable Waters, rather sobering commentary and analysis of the grave future facing the Colorado River and its two main lake reservoirs: America’s two largest reservoirs — Lake Mead and Lake Powell on the Colorado River — could both run of out water in just five years. I really wish this was an April Fool’s […]

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Climate Change: Drying Up The Colorado River, Putting Millions at Risk

Via CNN, an article on a new report that states the Colorado River is in ‘grave danger’: The Colorado River — which provides water to more than 40 million people from Denver to Los Angeles — has seen its flow dwindle by 20 percent compared to the last century, and scientists have found that climate change is […]

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As Groundwater Depletes, Arid American West Is Moving East

Via EurekAlert, an article on a new model predicting that loss of groundwater may accelerate drying trends in the eastern US: Even under modest climate warming scenarios, the continental United States faces a significant loss of groundwater – about 119 million cubic meters, or roughly enough to fill Lake Powell four times or one quarter […]

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Declining Colorado River Supply

Via Sustainable Waters, a report on the growing water crisis in the Colorado River Basin: Image: Lake Powell lost nearly half of its storage capacity during 2000-2018. It’s a bit hard to believe now, but back in 2012 there wasn’t a lot of talk about fresh water in the global dialogues on climate change. Yes, […]

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The Water Wars that Defined the American West Are Heading East

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a look at how urban growth and a surge in irrigation are fueling a water fight between the U.S. states of Georgia and Florida: Water stress, a hallmark of the American West, is spreading east. The shift is evident on Casey Cox’s family farm in Georgia’s agricultural heartland, where […]

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