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First Nations Want A Say In How Dwindling Colorado River Is Used

Via Circle of Blue, a look at the role the First Nations are seeking in discussions related to the Colorado River: Lorenzo Pena pulls off the highway and into a drive-through water distribution center on the Southern Ute Indian Tribe reservation in southwest Colorado. He parks his truck and connects the empty tank it’s hauling […]

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Utah’s ‘Water OPEC’: Why The 2nd Driest State Rejects Conservation

Via ProPublica, a report on why a powerful group that steers Utah’s water policy keeps pushing for costly infrastructure over meaningful conservation efforts: With rising temperatures and two decades of drought depleting the Colorado River, some Southwestern states are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to pay homeowners to tear out their lawns and farmers […]

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The West’s Race To Secure Water

Via Bloomberg, a report on how four cities in the U.S. are trying to survive future droughts, from expanding reservoirs and tapping neighboring watersheds to pushing conservation efforts: How much water flows into Southwestern U.S. cities next year will depend on the coming snowfall and the resulting snowpack accumulation. So far, it’s not looking good. High mountain […]

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Upper Basin States Using More Colorado River Water Than Legally Acceptable

Via The Spectrum, a look at continued stress on the Colorado River: A new report on the declining Colorado River claims that three states in the river’s Upper Basin, including Utah, are already using more water from the river than is their legal right, and points specifically to the Lake Powell Pipeline project as “a good example of a bad idea […]

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As U.S. West Withers, Corporations Consolidate Land and Water Rights

Via Circle of Blue, a look at how – with farms, ranches and rural communities facing unprecedented threats – a worrying trend leads to a critical question: Who owns the water? Ghost cattle—200,000 made-up heifers. A massive fraud rocking eastern Washington’s arid ranching communities, leading to criminal charges and bankruptcy. The Church of Jesus Christ […]

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How a Federal Drought Relief Program Left Southern Oregon Parched

Via The Counter, a report on how a Federal drought relief program left Southern Oregon =parched—and contributed to the ongoing groundwater crisis in the West: This April, Micah Goettl, an emergency coordinator for the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS), began to hear reports of residential wells failing in Klamath County. At first, this wasn’t […]

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