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California’s Water Wars

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on California’s water wars: The federal government and the state of California seem to love suing each other, and have done so dozens of times in the past two years without causing anyone much damage. But President Donald Trump is now threatening to sue the state over control of water. […]

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Utah’s Big Water Grab

Via Outside Magazine, an interesting look at how the retiree oasis of St. George, Utah will explode with growth, turning red rock to bluegrass and slaking its thirst with a new billion-dollar pipeline from the Colorado River: Let us now praise southern Utah! I moved here the high-water spring of 1993, everything I owned in the […]

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Water Wars of Arizona

Courtesy of The New York Times, a detailed look at the battle between industrial agriculture and communities over scarce water in America’s southwest: Early one morning in July 2014, Lori Paup awoke in her new home in the Sulphur Springs Valley of Arizona and began unpacking boxes of clothes, hanging photographs and prepping the day’s […]

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Global Cities Facing Water Risks

Via IWA’s The Source, an interesting look at some of the water challenges facing several of the world’s most at-risk cities: Water visions precede action. Yet it’s easy to offer “building blocks” to plan “sustainable urban water systems” that inform and govern “resilient and liveable cities.” What’s hard is showing how and where to implement […]

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The Great Siphoning: Drought-Stricken Areas Eye The Great Lakes

Via the StarTribune, commentary on the Great Lakes: Outside Two Harbors, Minn., on a cliff overlooking the broad expanse of Lake Superior, you are overwhelmed by grandeur — shimmering water, crashing waves, a down-bound ore boat on the horizon, miniaturized by distance. As you fill your senses, you may be unaware of the invisible others […]

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As Droughts Worsen, U.S. Water Insecurity Grows

Via the StarTribune, a report on growing U.S. water stress: Less than eight months after Hurricane Harvey pelted the Texas Gulf Coast with torrential rainfall, drought has returned to Texas and other parts of the West, Southwest and Southeast, again forcing state governments to reckon with how to keep the water flowing. Nearly a third […]

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