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Great Lakes’ Biggest Worries Much Closer To Home Than Arid Southwest

Via Chicago Business, a look at how thirsty businesses and unsustainable groundwater use by agriculture pose the biggest threats to the Midwest’s water supply: A few years ago, a Michigan billboard—reading “Back off suckers: Water diversion . . . the last straw”—showed caricatures of Southwestern states with giant straws going into the Great Lakes. Is […]

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U.S. States Face Water Crisis As Global Heating Increases Strain On Supplies

Courtesy of The Guardian, a report on water stress in the United States where New Mexico tops the list of impacted states, followed by California, Arizona, Colorado and Nebraska as problems could intensify with global heating: A handful of US states – including New Mexico and California – are facing significant strains on their water supplies that will only intensify with global […]

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Drilling Deeper: U.S. Groundwater Wells Race Towards Bottom

Via Circle of Blue, an interesting look at how well depths are increasing across the United States: To locate sufficient supplies of fresh water, the nation’s groundwater wells are being drilled deeper and deeper, according to an analysis of more than 10 million well records since the 1950s. “No matter how you slice it, we’re […]

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Risk of Colorado River Decline

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal, an article on the decline of the Colorado River: It supplies water and power to 40 million people from Wyoming to Mexico and irrigates billions of dollars in cropland used to feed millions more. No wonder so many people are worried about the Colorado River. Punishing drought has ravaged […]

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On the Water-Starved Colorado River, Drought Is the New Normal

Via Yale’s e360, an interesting article on the impact that a 19-year drought and climate change in the U.S. southwest is having upon making the region, water managers and users along the Colorado River: In the basement of the University of Arizona’s Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, the fragrant smell of pine hangs in the air as […]

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California’s Water Wars

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on California’s water wars: The federal government and the state of California seem to love suing each other, and have done so dozens of times in the past two years without causing anyone much damage. But President Donald Trump is now threatening to sue the state over control of water. […]

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