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East Africa: Museveni – There Is No Reason for Conflict Over River Nile

Courtesy of AllAfrica, a report on Uganda’s view on the simmering Nile conflict: President Yoweri Museveni has said Uganda has not yet ratified the “Nile Agreement” on the use of the River Nile waters, as it is pursuing a maximum consensus on the issue. He said the disagreement between Egypt and other nations on the […]

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Rush for Nile Water – Now Uganda Plans Massive Hydroelectric Site

Via, a report that Uganda is also looking to capitalize on the Nile’s water: In East Africa, the major water resource is the Nile river, the world’s longest, at 4,130 miles, referred to by Egypt since antiquity as the country’s heart. The past several decades have seen the mighty river’s water flow increasingly contested […]

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River Rivalry On The Nile

Via Terra Daily, an updated report on the tensions rippling out from Ethiopia’s plans to build large dams on the Nile.  As the article notes: “…Ethiopia is pressing ahead with plans to build large dams on the Nile as upstream African states put pressure on a reluctant Egypt to share the waters of the world’s […]

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A Political Storm Hovers Over Calm Nile Water

With 300 million people dependent on the water of the Nile, it is not surprising that a deal on its usage by several countries is difficult to ratify.  As Uganda’s Monitor reports the tenuous and contentious state of discussions have not yet subsided: “…It’s been a decade of negotiations-sometimes exemplified by mistrust, intrigue and walkouts. […]

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Nile Sharing…

Via The East African, commentary on the desire of some downstream riparian countries to renegotiate allocation of water in the Nile River basin.  As the article notes: “…Peaceful and collective negotiations must be encouraged in the quest for a comprehensive legal framework that can allow all the 10 states to equitably utilise the River Nile […]

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East Africa: Aquacalypse Now

Courtesy of The Economist, a report on a looming water crisis in East Africa that is likely to give rise to increased violence in this already fragile part of the world.  As the article notes: “…This year’s drought is the worst in east Africa since 2000, and possibly since 1991. Famine stalks the land. The […]

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