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Iraqi Water Ministry Moves To File Lawsuit Against Iran Over Water Policy

Via The National, an article on the Iraqi water ministry’s moves to file a lawsuit against Iran: Iraq has completed procedures to file a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice against Iran’s water policy. The construction of dams in upstream Turkey, Syria and Iran has choked off some of the flow of the Tigris and Euphrates over the […]

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Saving a Water-Stressed Middle East

Via The Cairo Review, a look at how inefficient water management exacerbates water insecurity in the MENA region: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) will be the most severely affected by climate change. A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecasts that this region will inevitably experience shorter and warmer winters, hotter and drier […]

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Syria Reservoir Dries Up For First Time

Via Terra Daily, an article on continuing indications of Syria’s drought: Low rainfall, structural damage and extraction by struggling farmers have emptied a key reservoir in northwestern Syria, leaving it completely dry for the first time, farmers and officials told AFP. With man-made climate change increasing the frequency of drought and wildfires worldwide, Syria is […]

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Turkey Proxies Weaponizing Water in Northern Syria

Via Terra Daily, a report on how Turkish proxies are weaponizing water in north Syria: Turkish-backed groups in northern Syria have weaponised water by building dams on a river that serves as a lifeline for communities living downstream in Kurdish-dominated areas, a report alleged Wednesday said. New research conducted by Dutch peace-building organisation PAX shows […]

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‘Desert’: Drying Euphrates Threatens Disaster In Syria

Via Terra Daily, an article on how a drying Euphrates threatens disaster in Syria: Syria’s longest river used to flow by his olive grove, but today Khaled al-Khamees says it has receded into the distance, parching his trees and leaving his family with hardly a drop to drink. “It’s as if we were in the desert,” […]

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Water Crisis Puts 12M At Risk In Syria and Iraq

Via Al Monitor, an article on how higher temperatures, drought and record low rainfall levels are depriving millions of people of drinking and agricultural water: A water crisis in Syria and Iraq has put more than 12 million people at risk of losing access to food, water and electricity, a group of aid organizations said […]

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