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Ravenous Russia = Thirsty Crimea

Via The Daily Beast, a detailed look at water related implications of Russia’s annexation of Crimea: As violence rages in Odessa and eastern Ukraine, with buildings burning, helicopters downed, urban combat and hostage taking, chaos may soon solidify into a concerted Russian military campaign. But if Moscow’s tanks and thousands of troops cross Ukraine’s eastern […]

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Ukraine Has Cut Back Water Supply To Crimea

Via Terra Daily, a report on Ukraine’s reduction of water supplies to Crimea: Ukraine has reduced its water supplies to the Crimea peninsula, which was annexed by Russia last month, the region’s governor Sergei Aksyonov said Saturday. “Ukraine’s sabotage limiting the water supply to the republic through the North Crimea canal can only be qualified […]

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Crimea Vote Won’t End Reliance On Ukraine For Water

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a look at the potential water politics surrounding Russia’s decision to annex Crimea:  Crimeans voted on Sunday to break away from Ukraine and join Russia, but the bonds of a Soviet-era infrastructure will be harder to break. The dry, windswept peninsula has few of the resources to support the […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Activists Take On Planned Russian Dams Intending To Quench China’s Thirst For Power

Courtesy of China Dialogue, an interesting article on how Chinese investors are being targeted by environmentalists concerned about proposed hydro dams in Russia:   If allowed to go ahead, the Nizhne-Angarskaya dam would disrupt the ecosystem of Lake Baikal, say environmental groups Russian companies want to help China quench its enormous thirst for electricity through […]

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Russian Control of Central Asian Dams “Risks Full Conflict With Uzbekistan”

Via Ooska News, a look at Central Asian water tensions: Russia’s support for upstream Kyrgyzstan in its dispute with downstream Uzbekistan over water resources in Central Asia will strain Russian-Uzbek relations, according to an Uzbek expert. During a visit to the region last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered support to Kyrgyzstan in its conflict […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Fossil Fuel Wealth, Water, and Poverty in Xinjiang

Via Circle of Blue, a brief look at the tension between China’s desire to promote growth in its Xinjiang region and the lack of water there.  As the article notes, Xinjiang has few local water sources, and even those are complicated by international politics. The Irtysh River and the Ili River originate in Xinjiang, before […]

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