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Lake Baikal Crisis: Chinese Activity a Handy Scapegoat for Russian Government Inaction

Via Future Directions International, a look at Russia and China’s collective impact on Lake Baikal: Lake Baikal is the oldest, deepest and the largest freshwater lake in the world by volume. Located in south-eastern Siberia, the lake is 25 million years old, 1,642 metres deep and contains 23,615 cubic kilometres of water (one-fifth of the world’s unfrozen fresh […]

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Global Cities Facing Water Risks

Via IWA’s The Source, an interesting look at some of the water challenges facing several of the world’s most at-risk cities: Water visions precede action. Yet it’s easy to offer “building blocks” to plan “sustainable urban water systems” that inform and govern “resilient and liveable cities.” What’s hard is showing how and where to implement […]

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Caspian Water Transfer Under Consideration

Via the Financial Tribune, an article on Iran’s interest in transferring water from the Caspian Sea to drought stricken areas in its south: The plan to transfer water from Caspian Sea in the north to the drought-ridden Semnan Province is undergoing final reviews and waiting for the approval of the Department of Environment. Emphasizing on […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China Proposes Water Pipeline From Russia To Gansu Province

Via Future Directions International, a look at China’s proposed a pipeline to pump water from Russia’s Lake Baikal in Siberia to the Gansu province: Chinese urban planners have proposed constructing a pipeline to pump water from Russia’s Lake Baikal in Siberia to the Gansu province, its drought-prone north-west region. The proposed pipeline is 1,000 kilometres long, […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: ‘Parched’ Chinese City Plans To Pump Water From Russian Lake

Via Windows on Eurasia, a report on how urban planners in Lanzhou, China have drawn up proposals to pipe water into the chronically dry region from Siberia’s Lake Baikal: China is reportedly considering plans to build a 1,000km (620 mile) pipeline to pump water all the way from Siberia to its drought-stricken northwest. According to reports […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China an Russia’s Competing Interests on the Mighty Amur River

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting look at the Amur River, a shared resource between China and Russia: Forecast China’s and Russia’s intentions for the Amur River Basin will continue to be fundamentally at odds: Moscow wants to use it for transport and security, while Beijing wants to harness its power for energy and agriculture. […]

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